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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

    A centralist view to immigration

    Immigration is a heated issue split along many lines. Associated US Illegal immigration costs amount to approximately 500 billion dollars per year. The following is an outline of what could be done to resolve the issue.

    1.) Define the Federal Rights of an illegal alien

    Illegal aliens often exploit the system and rights are assigned without clear interpretation or limitation .

    2.) Secure the US border.

    The US border is very unsecure, and honestly with as many square miles of open land as the US shares with Mexico securing the border is a near impossible task. What we can do is a best effort attempt to secure our borders. Being caught by border patrol should have a clear and quick resolution and structured due process. It should also NOT be something controlled by civil courts.

    3.) Remove the anchor baby clause aka "the legal principle of jus soli".

    This law is as damaging to the child as it is for the parents. Sure the child is a citizen, but now the parents can be deported and in some cases the child could be placed into foster care. Unfortunately this law is part of the US constitution and can only be updated via a Constitutional Amendment. The amendment might include something to the effect of " one or both parents need to be a US citizen or the child to automatically become a citizen" If parents being their children to the US the children can be naturalized in a similar fashion to the current laws.

    4.) Increase the number of US registration and processing centers by a factor of 5.

    The US allows approximately 62,000 Mexican citizens to immigrate into the US per year. Many using the H1B vista system. There are often long delays and setbacks that are frustrating to the applicant. The goal would be to allow a potential qualified 200,000 immigrants into the US each year. Qualified should include skilled labors and H1B applicants. These individuals should show a desire to become americans. The demonstration of that desire should include metrics like understanding US constitutional law and history, being able to speak English at a first grade level, serving the US armed forces.

    5.) Allow current illegal aliens to become US citizens without a possibility of deportation for a one time period of 5 years.

    All illegal aliens have one calender year to register their illegal alien status. a 5 year period from registration will be given to pay back all owed taxes during which , at least one parent in a family unit must stay gainfully employed, and not be on any form of federal assistance during this time. With a $500 fine. This group of people would be processed for citizenship independently of the normal process. After the final illegal alien registered in year 1 has been processed this program would be terminated.

    NOTE: All future illegal aliens would be deported by the normal means and process.

    6.) Fine Employers that hire illegal aliens without taking required precautions.

    It would be up to the Federal government to decide what the required precautions should be, but these same precautions should not cost the employer more than $200 per employee. A voluntary (for US born citizens) and required for (first gen) immigrants federally funded US citizen Database would be recommended.

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