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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

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    Immigration and the Case for Dissolving Our Military


    According to our Constitution and the oath of office taken by our military personnel, the military’s sole purpose is to defend our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. Its specific mandate is to protect our borders against invasion and our Republic against insurrection. Our military exists to protect our laws, our system, and our citizens, from invasion and conquest.


    We spend an inordinate amount of our national treasure on our military, the military armaments, the military industrial complex, and our intelligence agencies. We invest the souls, limbs and sanity of our soldier citizens.


    However, we operate this country with open borders and ignore the very laws that call for the protection of our borders. Our country has been invaded by a non-violent invasion force whose only intent was to gain an economic edge. But we have been invaded none-the-less.


    With this invasion comes the importation of a broken social culture in Mexico. Of no fault of their own, these invaders know of politics only what they learned in Mexico and view America as the fat hog to be slaughtered for financial gain. Guilty accomplices are the businesses that break the law to hire these invaders in an illegal synergy of economic edge.


    The results are a system that is over-tasked in supporting this invasion force through government social services and the corruption of the electoral process as these illegal invaders assume false identities and cast illegal votes in a bid to influence the national politic in their favor.


    We have made no effort to deport these invaders or defend our borders. It therefore begs the question: Why do we continue to have a military. If we are going to be an open, borderless society, we should seriously consider the dissolution of our military, the military industrial complex, and intelligence agencies. We should close our foreign bases and bring our troops home.


    In truth we cannot afford to support our military any longer. We spend more on our military and intelligence than the next 10 countries combined. This is pointless.


    Our nation is one of economic gain. The principles of freedom and our constitution are dead. The majority has taken control of the system. These events cannot be undone unless through conflict, and the cost is too high.


    We should therefore dissolve our military, open the borders and let nature take its course.

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