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    Posted January 29, 2013 by
    Houston, Texas
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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

    Advice from emigrant

    I came to us in 1997 with my boyfriend and our 3 kids (one of them son of my boyfriend – age of 16 and two of them my sons (twins) - age of 12). We both had business visas and out kids had student visas. That time only one kid talked in English a little bit - the oldest one. Other members of the “team” are not. I will not describe where we stood and what we ate as it is very long and different story. I will only describe legalization part. So…
    As in our country’s new paper was not published how to become American Resident, first thing we did, we decided to meet with an attorney. We had no idea that time that different type of attorney exists as well as we did not know many other things about US. In Yellow pages we found list of Lowers with first free consultation and made an appointments. By using dictionary and some help of our oldest boy we started to talk to the lawyers. After third visit we understood that if we do not have relatives or friends, or millions, or so on and otherwise we could not be an US residents and get a permission for work. The attorney number four was specialized on Business Low and was recommended to us by secretary of the school where our twins were going. And by meeting with him “we won a lottery ticket”. His advice was : To open any business (better a corporation), where I will become a director (that will give me to get L1 visa) and my boyfriend will work for the business on H1 visa (first option). The goal of this action was: 1. Work hard. 2. Pay taxes as a business and as an employee. 3. In a few years apply for Green Card. Also this attorney told us that every year we able to play Green Card Lottery and we may win (second option).
    We did everything what was suggested by the attorney and took legal steps. Was it easy? BIG NO. Did we make it? BIG YES. Because we wanted, because we did not believe in “Free lunches”, because it was embarrassed to get help from government as we were not on disability, we were able to work. And last one, because we had kids who looked at us and took example from us.
    My boyfriend is my husband already for 15 years. We all worked very hard to learn English to be able to communicate and work. We did study computer since and made opportunity to hired by big companies who may sponsor us H1 visa (third option). My husband now a Programmer/Analyst , I also work in Technology as a Project Manager. And I want to say about our kids. The oldest one: Master degree in Criminal Justas. Working for HOPD. Married. Has 15 month daughter. First twin son: Engineering Degree. Sr. Oil and Gas Engineer. Married. Second twin son. Business Degree. Credit union branch manager. Married. Has 2.5 year old and 7 month daughters.
    Sounds easy? Yes , because it is only a very little part of my story. After all my emigration experience I may say. Here in US you always can find a way to become a resident if you think about : 1. Work hard.2. Do not to make illegal actions. 3. Not abuse the system, which tries to help people who deserve it. 4. And do not use working class of America who work hard and pay taxes to help US government as you want to be one of them.
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