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    Posted January 29, 2013 by
    Marshfield, Wisconsin
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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

    I want to Save lives ! But I am on VISA!! Legally in USA!!!

    I came to USA with the dream of achieving greater skills in the field of Pediatric Cardiology. I was working in India in a cardiac critical care unit in Asia’s largest hospital. Seeing so many children who would need surgeries and intervention for congenital heart disease and also need for the specialist, I decided I would specialize in Pediatric Cardiology. I am presently pursuing Pediatric residency in USA on H1 visa. Having a H1 visa hinders my dream into getting into fellowship in Pediatric cardiology in many university program as all the university programs do not encourage candidates with VISA though you have better credential compared to the candidates who do not need VISA. I am involved in many research projects and have several publications/ presentations. I also have ideas for cutting edge research. But without a green card or citizenship my application will not be looked into. My aspiration to pursue Pediatric cardiology is not for the need for money or fame. I would like to disseminate my knowledge and pledge my service to the needy children’s of the world. I am aspiring to join the missions who operate on children with congenital heart disease.
    My husband came to USA in 2001 and has applied for a green card and has waited for ever. I would not be able to apply for a green card till my husband’s priority date becomes current. I can’t apply even as a dependent. He is been waiting from 8 years because of retrogression. My husband has paid his taxes, has abided by the laws, respected this country and considers America to be his home. But still he has been waiting in line diligently for his turn.
    This country was always about not discriminating based on caste, creed, religion or nationality. But I wonder why when it comes to the matter of green card, we are always asked “Which country did you come from?”. Legal immigration needs to be fixed. I respect Mr. Obama’s action for dreamers and people with STEM degree. Unfortunately doctors pursuing Residency programs in USA are not even considered to be a STEM graduate. If getting green cards for illegals are easier why should we struggle to pay taxes, be in line and eagerly wait in the dark tunnel which never seem to have any light. Why are immigration gurus not talking about “LEGAL IMMIGRATION”.

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