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    Posted January 29, 2013 by
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    Naturalized citizens: Your thoughts on immigration reform

    The right thing to do but in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.


    I came to the US in 1998 to work for a company who had a sales and service office here. I came in as an L1B visa and was highly trained in my field. The plan was to stay here for 3 years.
    I fell in love with this country and expressed my wish to stay here to my company. The company spent thousands of dollars on lawyer and visa fees to get me a green card. It took five years to get it. After obtaining your green card you have to wait 5 years before you can apply for citizenship. I became a US citizen in December of 2010, the process went quick at that time as the requests for immigration had slowed down with the recession. It might have taken a several years if the economy was the same.


    I understand that we have to come up with a solution for our illegal immigrants, I think it makes no sense to call them undocumented immigrants. They are here illegally and they knew it when they crossed the border. Undocumented makes it sounds as if it was not their fault. It is just a way by politicians and activists to make it sound less bad.


    The current plan by the gang of eight has an honest plan towards citizenship, it will take several years to obtain it and you have to qualify.


    The rumors about providing a fast and immediate path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants makes me furious. Why did I do everything right, the government received a lot of money paid by my company to process my visa requests.


    In my opinion this is only done to get the next set of votes for 2016. These illegal immigrants are already promised healthcare under the Obamacare as shown by the fact that there will resources made available for people that don't speak English. BTW English is our language and all immigrants should learn how to speak it. With the majority of these immigrants doing unskilled labor with low wages it will be our tax dollars that will pay most of their premium. So it is all political.


    It is insulting to me and all the other immigrants that have followed the legal path. Do we need these people for jobs here in the US? Absolutely as I can not imagine the current young generation doing the jobs that the immigrants currently do. They will not work in meat processing plants or many other hard and dirty jobs as they don't want to get there hands dirty. I welcome any hard working person to this country but you have to follow the rules. What example do we set if we simply white wash 11 million people that have broken the laws of our land.



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