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    Protests in Egypt: Your experiences

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    Jan28 - Day of Rage


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     iReporter MahmoudGamal was close to Cairo's Tahrir Square on Monday when skirmishes broke out between anti-government protesters and security forces. "The protesters feel that there is no change from the current regime, [they say it's the] same as the previous regime," he said. "Their chants say 'down with [Egyptian President Mohamed] Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood'." The first three images he lightened to show how protesters were picking up tear gas canisters. Violence in Egypt between pro- and anti-government protesters and police has rocked the country in recent days following the two year anniversary of the country's revolution. Catch up on the latest news from Egypt.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Updates, Jan 28th, on the second memory of Rage Friday Cairo lived a day full of rage. While a march moved from Sayeda Zeinab to the shura council building and was violently stopped by the central security forces' teargas, clashes continued on the Nile Corniche, Asr El Nil bridge and later in the vicinity of the Cairo governorate building.


    Violence was met by the protesters taking over two armored vehicles belonging to the CSF. Both vehicles were set on fire, one near the clashes in Nile Corniche and the other in Tahrir square.


    Meanwhile the three canal cities, Port Saeed, Suez and Ismaeleya, defied the imposed curfew by enormous marches and football games. In the Port Saeed, clashes have also continued in the vicinity of the central prison.


    Jan 26th clashes continue for the second day in different Egyptian cities. After a verdict against the Ultras boys of Port Saeed, violence erupted in the city between protesters and central security forces leaving about 30 dead. On the other side of the canal, in Suez, clashes continued after about eight were killed yesterday.


    By midday, army tanks were seen in both cities protecting governmental buildings.
    In Cairo and Alexandria things weren't very different; clashes went on as CSF threw an immense number of teargas, resulting in chaos and tens of injuries.


    Jan 25th, on the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, the streets of almost all governorates were filled with protesters. Just like they protested on January 25, 2011 against Mubarak and against SCAF rule on January 25, 2012, today they protested against the Muslim Brotherhood rule.
    Marches flooded the streets condemning the MB-sponsored constitution, the increasing prices of life essentials and the "Ikhwanization" of the Egyptian institutions.
    As clashes continued in Qasr El Einy and Sheikh Rihan streets, they erupted in other cities all over the country between protesters and Central Security Forces. By late afternoon the Shubra march was met by civilians in Tawfeekeya throwing glass bottles and rocks and shooting bird shot at them from above the Ikhwan Online office building. Clashes continued for a few minutes until protesters were able to stop them and the march continued to Tahrir.
    By the evening clashes increased fiercely all over the country between protesters and the CSF. Endless number of tear gas canisters, Molotov cocktails, rocks and birdshot were seen everywhere. Martyrs fell in Suez killed by live ammunition. And what was supposed to be the Tahrir sit-in got dispersed, but after a few minutes protesters got back to the square.

    **Text by: Mariam Saleh (mariam-saleh.blogspot.com)
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