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    Posted January 31, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Obama's Willing to Cut 'Entitlements'- Both Parties in the Pocket of Big Business


    President Obama told David Gregory on 'Meet the Press' that he's willing to make the deal. Yes, he'll cut entitlements to get more revenue from rich people.
    After campaigning on championing the American worker, now, with the campaign behind him, he can get down to the 'business as usual'.
    It would seem that if more people were put back to work, more people working would pay taxes that would bring down our deficit. (A deficit that was racked up, by the way by war and profiteering by wars and banking fraud.)
    But there is no talk of any job bills.
    This may mean that our leaders have deferred job creation to big business which continue to find cheaper labor in China.
    Has Congress addressed this outsourcing problem for workers?
    Nah, that would interfere with the free enterprise system, discourage risk taking and lead us toward socialism.
    My question is, "Free enterprise system for whom?"
    Obama is privy to the daily updates that Europe's not doing so well with austerity. Maybe I should clarify that statement.
    Europe's people aren't doing so well with austerity.
    Somebody in Europe's doing OK.
    Corporations keep raising prices. Government keeps raising fees.
    There's no austerity program for our or their war mechanism. The Military Industrial Complex is readying their next crusade into Syria or Iran.
    But Obama sees the need to cut our entitlements to pay down the debt that was created by giving the money to the rich in the form of lower taxes and bombing the desert.
    No money for entitlements but plenty for more Tomahawk missiles?
    Am I missing something here?
    Both political parties, the Democrats and Republicans are the parties of big business.
    Our 'democracy' is a sham and the people will pay until they have had enough of the corruption.
    Workers and people should come first.

    Austerity does not lead to prosperity..for workers.

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