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    Beverly Hills, California

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    Hair Transplant


    There are so many options to improve ones physical appearance - but that does not necessarily mean that a physical shortcoming is skin deep. Insecurities from physical attributes can truly affect self-esteem and overall view of oneself. Rogaine is one option for male pattern baldness that has become a commercial product for those sufferring from hair loss. The benefit of Rogaine is it can be purchased over the counter, and there is also a version for women who are suffering from female pattern baldness. The trick with Rogaine is simple - starting a regimen with this treatment and sticking to it is crucial for the best results.


    Propecia is another option - however, this treatment is only for men and is not FDA approved for women to treat this condition. Propecia can be very effective for men experiencing loss of hair but there are some undesirable side effects that turn many men away from the drug. Often with Propecia, the earlier in the balding process and the sooner the drug is taken, the more effective it is at preventing future hair loss. Someone who is in Nordwood Stage 7 of baldness who starts taking Propecia will most likely not see very good results from this treatment.


    When Rogaine, Propecia and Lasercombs are no longer viable options for your condition of losing your hair, men often find themselves in a situation where they need to start exploring other options and treatments for their condition. Hair restoration is a conventional next step for hair loss sufferers, but many don't know where to start when they finally show interest in this procedure.


    Firstly, it's important for the patient to start with learning more about the procedure itself as well as if they are truly ready to choose a surgical procedure to reverse their hair loss. Once this is recognized, there are a couple next steps that we recommend in order for the potential candidate to understand the decision they are making as well as the procedure, the technique and what to expect.


    There are two popular hair transplant techniques: Strip Harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction. Both are considered to be minimally invasive as well as minimally scarring. During the consultation, the surgeon typically determines which technique the patient is a candidate for based on their hair loss stage as well as how many grafts will be needed for the session procedure. FUE is typically for smaller cases and Strip Harvest are for those cases that need more grafts transplanted in one session.


    When choosing a Los Angeles Hair Restoration clinic and surgeon, it's important that they offer a free consultation. Not every individual is a candidate for the procedure, so charging the patient before determining if they are right for the procedure is not in the best interest of the clinic or the patient. The clinic will want to gain trust with the patient initially, and this is extremely important during the consultation process all the way to the procedure and the follow-up appointment six months later. It's no surprise that a patient wants to trust their surgeon, and a good surgeon and clinic will want to create a personal and long lasting relationship with each and every one of their patients. Choosing the right surgeon and clinic can be helped with enough research by the patient.


    We are a Los Angeles Hair Transplant Clinic dedicated to hair restoration and hair loss prevention in Beverly Hills, California.

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