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    Posted February 1, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Judge Rules Bradley Manning Illegally Treated, But Upholds Charges


    A Federal Judge ruled that Bradley Manning was Illegally treated, but upholds the government charges.
    Originally, it was reported that Manning would receive a 22 month reprieve from whatever sentence he will eventually receive for this abuse at the hands of our government.
    Now I see that's been reduced to 112 days maybe because 22 months was too much time off for having been tortured.
    Besides, who's paying attention?
    Most Americans are too busy scrounging for a job and food to give a crap about the plight of some poor whistleblower.
    Manning's trial appears to be just a formality before they sentence him.

    He should feel lucky. A trial and formal charges are more than many  Gitmo prisoners have received.
    Besides, Gitmo is  not on American soil is it - technically?

    Our laws and Habeas corpus don't appear to apply to prisoners in our  outsourced prison system around the World.
    What's a little torture among our friends and allies especially when it means foreign aid will keep on flowing to that country.
    All they have to do is turn a blind eye to what we still do in secret although we say we don't. Afterall, aren't they terrorists? Well, we don't know do we?
    It's outrageous that our government can torture Manning and still bring charges, prosecute him, and set the example to anyone that would dare to expose what is done in our name to people in other countries in the combat zones.
    Does anyone wonder why we had 9/11?
    The United States' 'Whack - a - Mole', video game, foreign policy and War on Terror may be to blame.
    I'm not sure who is bringing more terror- them or us.
    Let's just hope that they don't bring more terror here because of what we do there.
    Of course, we'll be told it was 'they' that started it.
    Where is Julian Assange and WikiLeaks when you need them? The U.S. has effectively shut them down with threats of prosecution, cutting their funding, and DNS attacks.
    And that's all to protect our 'national security' isn't it?
    But then we won't know and that's the way they want to keep us- ignorant and poor so we don't have time to worry about it.


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