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    Posted February 1, 2013 by
    Seoul, South Korea
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    The Stolen Korean Elections of Dec 2012


    On Feb. 5th, 2013, 'Fellow South Koreans and Electors Overseas Who Want to Assure the Integrity of the 18th Presidential Election' and their friends 'Fighting for Voters' Rights' released the 5th statement on the stolen Korean Elections of Dec 2012.



    " The 18th presidential election was completely fraudulent!


    - The Fifth Statement by Fellow South Koreans and Electors Overseas Who Want to Assure the Integrity of the 18th Presidential Election


    This statement is being written to show that the 18th presidential election was completely fraudulent.


    On December 19, 2012 we, the South Korean voters overseas from all over the world, eagerly exercised our right to vote for the presidential election in our home country. In spite of many voters having to travel long distances to vote we did not mind spending our time because we believed that this would contribute to a better future for our country. However, President Myungbak Lee's administration did not keep their neutrality during the election. They actively participated and manipulated the election results in order to bring their party's candidate to victory with the aid of the National Intelligence Services (NIS) and the National Election Commission (NEC). Upon learning this we, the voters overseas, have come forward to protest against the election fraud. We wish to let these facts be known to everyone, both at home and abroad.


    We declare the 18th presidential election was won through election fraud committed by the South Korean government. We know this to be true for two main reasons:


    1. State agencies intervened in the election, which is illegal. Article 9 of the National Intelligence Services Act 'No Involvement in Politics' strictly prohibits members of the NIS from committing "any acts of expressing supportive or negative opinions on any political parties or politicians, as well as any acts of spreading opinions or facts in praising or slandering any political parties or politicians in order to sway public opinion." In this election apparently a team of agents of the NIS committed such illegal acts. What a female agent on duty did with Internet postings in order to sway public opinions using 40 different user IDs was indeed a serious crime and likely a small part of the organized action by the agency.


    2. The National Election Commission failed to manage the election impartially to be in accordance with law. The Public Official Election Act and the Ballot Counting Manual of the NEC both stipulate that all ballots must be counted by hand and examined by the naked eye 2 or 3 times. The National Election Commission has repeatedly claimed that the ballot counting had been done by hand. However, evidence was found by many observers at the counting offices, demonstrated though photographic and video evidence, highlighting that hand counting was rarely done. Furthermore the National Election Commission made false statements about using computerized ballot counters and reportedly replaced the servers immediately following the counting. There were even times when some of the details of the race, that were being counted by the Election Commission, would be broad-casted on the SBS TV network earlier than the reports the Election Commission themselves were releasing.


    Hereby we, the South Korean voters overseas, demand the following:


    1. Won Se-Hun, the Chief of the NIS should be responsible for the intervention of the NIS in the presidential election. His involvement was a violation of the NIS Act and he should be dismissed immediately.

    2. Kim Neung-Whan, former Chief of the NEC should be summoned for a parliamentary investigation and be prosecuted for not managing the election impartially as stipulated in the Election Law.

    3. The court and the prosecution should remedy the injustice in the spirit of the South Korean Constitution and on the principles of democracy.

    4. President Lee Myung-Bak should make a public apology and resign for having committed election fraud and for manipulating the ballot counting, where he should have kept a neutral position.

    5. President-elect Park Geun-Hye should resign since her election was won through election fraud and manipulation of ballot counting. There is a strong suspicion that Kim Mu-Seong, the head of the Election Committee of her party (Saenuri) also played a role in the election fraud.

    6. All political parties and organizations, including the ruling party and the opposing party, should acknowledge that the 18th presidential election was fraudulent and should make every effort to thoroughly investigate the extent of the fraud.


    Feb 5th, 2013


    Fellow South Koreans and Electors Overseas Who Want to Assure the Integrity of the 18th Presidential Election "




    Facebook friends (Fighting for Voters' Rights) are collecting any evidence of rigged presidential election and posting up-to-date information on the website-blogspot. They are trying to recover democracy in S. Korea. Just like an inception of Coffee Party movement in opposition to Tea Party's, this movement has formed via Facebook.

    They declared the 18th presidential election was won through election fraud committed by the South Korean government. Some Koreans have filed a lawsuit to seek the nullification of the election.

    In Korea, there were several election fraud cases including the 13th presidential election in 1987.


    A quote from above image:
    "A poll altering model, through use of computer technology, was reportedly introduced in South Korea by experts with special training from the United States. This has been considered one of the secret weapons that brought President Roh Tae-Woo to victory back during his election. These methods were provided by Richard Wirthlin, a key member of President Reagan's camp who worked as a poll expert under both of Reagan's elections. Sources believe that Wirthlin had helped the presidential candidate of the ruling party in South Korea secure this election. The exact role that Richard Wirthlin played in the Korean presidential election, by introducing these advanced strategies, is said to have been kept under tight security since then."


    A similar situation is happening right now in S. Korea. Rulling party has controlled NEC and NIS and they alleged to attempt to steal the 18th presidential election by altering the way of votes counting.


    Online facebook friends are seeking for the truth from all over the world and updating information on election fraud cases. On thier blogspot (http://2012skpreselection.blogspot.com/2012/12/clint-curtis-million-dollar-programmer.html), there is  a ".......YouTube video (http://youtu.be/VkE9k6MP6_0) features the Dec 13, 2001 interview of Clinton Eugene Curtis, Computer Programmer: “It would flip the vote 51 – 49 to whoever you wanted it to go to and whichever race you wanted to win.” (0:27). Mr. Curtis was asked by the company he worked for to create a vote-rigging software prototype......"


    He was contacted by 'Fighting for Voters' Rights' and their correspondence was posted on the blogspot:


    "Electronic election fraud is very hard to detect and even harder because the declared winner does not want further investigation and the declared loser tend to not publicly champion the fight. If the election was flipped it is possible to determine this without cooperation of those in charge of the election.
    Fraud done by a computer will be done programmatically. While the fraud may be creative, it will still be done through altering numbers that would otherwise go to the other candidate.
    All one needs to do is to look at the precinct level data and find precincts where the numbers do not look right. If the people are behind making sure their elections are conducted fairly, they will likely be willing to sign affidavits as to which candidate they selected. With this information, you can compare the affidavits totals to the official totals. If the numbers do not match you have excellent evidence that fraud has indeed occurred. This needs to be done in several precincts to verify the hypothesis. If the fraud was performed artfully, not every precinct will show the same percentage. If it mirrors that program I wrote for the Republicans in 2000, none of the percentages will be identical.
    Once you have hard evidence that the count was incorrect, you might be able to find someone to champion the cause and force a recount or new elections using only paper ballot that are publicly counted by hand."

    In addition, the election analyst Mr. Richard Charnin posted his comments on his blog, "It appears that you ('Friends fighting for democracy') have done a tremendous job analyzing the South Korean presidential election. Quite frankly, there is nothing I can add. Your presentation of graphs, tables and mathematical analysis of vote patterns is extremely impressive."

    Following Youtube video and articles appeared to have been made outside S. Korea since freedom of the press in Korea has been limited.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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