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    Three Gifts You Must Give Your Blog Today


    Maintaining a blog means writing or creating content to share to your readers.  At a closer look, you’ll see it has 2 factors:


    1. Writing or creating content
    2. Sharing this content

    That’s where these 3 gifts come in.

    It is a must that you have these 3 things to make running your blog smoother and keep the creative ideas in a system.

    Having everything organized will help you write posts or create other types of content for your blog easier and faster. 

    Why faster?


    Because this is the most common thing hindering business owners from starting and continually running their business blogs.


    They’re cramped for time, so often they just give up posting on their blogs and/or sharing the contents they’ve created altogether.

    Gift No. 1 The Swipe File


    A swipe file is simply a document where you write down all your ideas for posts or other content. This is your go-to system when you are cringing and can’t seem to have any idea for a post topic.  You can jot down your post ideas on a notepad, a word document or a spreadsheet.


    I have 2 blogs I maintain then those of clients, so I keep one spreadsheet with several worksheets in them. Each worksheet is allocated for each site except when a client has me maintain several of his blogs. That’s when I have a separate swipe file for them.


    A swipe file also allows me to fight the dreaded writer’s block. I add ideas or topics to it as I read on the internet for leisure or even while doing additional research for posts I’m currently writing.


    Gift No.2 The Editorial Calendar


    You can use Google calendar or other online calendars of your choice to create your blog editorial calendar. You can even use a printed planner if you prefer to. There are also a lot of free editorial calendar templates available now on the web.

    From your swipe file you can choose the topics you’d like to write about and set a schedule when you’d publish it. The same goes for other types of content you’d like to post on your blog. For example you’d like to feature a video on Monday then a written post on Friday. You then set this schedule on your editorial calendar.


    With this publishing schedule, it’s easier to set other tasks on your to-do list for the day or for the week.


    Gift No. 3 The Social Media Calendar


    Marketing your blog posts to social media sites is one of the best moves you can continually do for your business.  A social media calendar will allow you to have a fixed and clear schedule for your online marketing strategies. When you follow this, it’s easier to know what to do for your blog every day.

    You will also have a balanced time for social media activities instead of being consumed by too much social media marketing in a day.


    A social media calendar will also help you keep track of your social media efforts, especially when you want to know what’s working and what’s not in your approaches.  For example, with a weekly or monthly calendar you can check when you started using Facebook posts or when you started sharing links on social bookmarking sites.


    Some things you can include in your social media calendar are:


    • When to do your social bookmarking.
    • When to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites you want to be active in.
    • When to reshare, retweet, or repin others content.
    • When to comment on other blogs.  Remember you also need to connect with other bloggers. Blog commenting will attract other bloggers and/or site owners to check out your blog and comment on your posts as well, maybe even subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media.

    Whether you manage all the operations in your business or not, having a set schedule of things to do for your marketing and other business operations will help make all workflow run smoothly.


    With this you’ll have equal amounts of time allotted for each necessary process to make your online and offline marketing successful.


    What other tasks do you think you can include in your editorial and/or social media calendars? If you're using any of these 3 systems, how have these helped you? Do share your thoughts with me in the comments.

    photo credit: allerleirau
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