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    Posted February 3, 2013 by
    Zhengzhou, China
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    Gun control debate: Background checks

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    It is of no use to control guns ,while it is the matter of clear mind not to kill

    For Our Own well being, Never Kill

    Jianshe Liu
    Cell Phone:0086-18939529182

    It is of no use to control guns ,while it is the matter of clear mind not to kill.

    I'm trying to tell people the serious consequences of killing to the killers themselves ,so when all potential killers know what consequences they have to face ,they might give up their action of killing people.

    The most perilous consequence of killing is to the killers ,not to the victims.

    This will stop the killers from any potential mass random killing.

    Because killers will be reincarnated into pigs, to be slaughtered ,and the meat to be sliced and minced ,and the pain of the pigs will not end when pigs are killed, but will only be ended after the meat of the pigs are completely eaten by the people.

    All potential killers should know this before they take action to kill people.
    And this ,will stop them from killing.

    Let the idea widely spread ,so that random mass killing will be stopped.

    Let me ask you one question :what is the most dangerous and perilous thing in human life ? Is it that someday everyone will have the same risk to be killed in another rampage or someday you will lose control of yourself and burst into a rage that you will be the next random killer? There are obviously two answers , and apparently ,that everyone is likely to be another victim in another rampage is the most dangerous thing in life for most people . But actually ,the most perilous and dangerous thing for everyone is that someday you will get involved in something and then you will be out of your mind and you will take up a gun and start shooting into crowds of people .Whatever you say ,theoretically , this risk and possibility can not be ruled out especially when everyone can have easy access to a weapon .

    I know many of you may disagree with me .But let me tell you that why being a killer is much more perilous and dangerous for everyone than being a victim .

    Do you know how painful it is when a pig is being killed and eaten by people ? Many people may not know it . It is extremely and massively painful when a pig is being killed because the pain will not stop when a pig dies, the pain goes on to be felt by the pig until it is cooked and eaten . It is not a small cut on the finger ,the pig will be cut and sliced into many different pieces ,the bones will be chopped off and smashed into pieces ,then even the bone marrows will be cooked and sucked ,all these will be felt extremely painful by the pig ,not everything ends when death comes along ,the pig will only be allowed into next reincarnation when each piece of its meat has been eaten by people ,that is the moment when the pain stops . So just imagine that one of your finger is chopped off and the finger bone is smashed into pieces ,and you can feel all the pain, then imagine the whole body to be smashed in the same way and you can feel all the pain . You may wonder that since there is no two way communication between human beings and pigs ,then how this pain of pigs become known to human beings . Well ,you may have heard of reincarnation .That’s right ,when human beings have sinned too much ,they have to be reincarnated into pigs to suffer and pay for what he had sinned .Why it is more dangerous and perilous for being the killer than being the victim ? Because it will be the killer who will be reincarnated into a pig ,even it will be a pig for many generations to come if he had killed too many people .

    Mutual reincarnation between animals and humans, most common ones ,are not between human beings and dogs, but the cycle between human and pigs, because the pig is the main source of meat in many countries, therefore to be born as a pig, is naturally the inevitable doomed fate of being slaughtered, and sliced, not just a tragic fate, also mixed with the implication of cleansing karma and sins by being a pig.

    Here is an appalling man-pig cycle reincarnation story.
    A legislator and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dong sat at the same table in the banquet with other guests . During schmoozing the couple were busy socializing, but since they have long been vegetarian, one guest curiously asked why they have been vegetarian. Mrs. Dong said that is for the sake of her maternal uncle ( her mother’s brother, in China ,it is called Jiu Jiu ,) her maternal uncle said many lifetimes before as he could remember, he had been reincarnated as pigs for many generations . He said when the pig is slaughtered, the pain does not end at this point ,it still has a very keen sense of the flesh pain, and waiting for the pork in the market to be sold , the longer the meat stayed broiled and cooked , the more painful the pigs will feel , especially when pork is bought by some customers to make ham out of it ,and immerse salt within meat, subject to the sun and wind .And in the whole process , the pig will suffer the severe pain every minute of it ,beyond human’s imagination, human beings can never understand that , such pain will never end until the people completely finish eating the ham . Can you imagine how painful it is when the pork is minced into meat paste and meat stuffing and immersed with salt and made into meat balls and sausages? Mr.and Mrs Dong had been a vegetarian couple ever since her maternal uncle told them his past life experience and memories.

    There is another story recorded by an author whose name is Jiming . He wrote that in a Temple named Xichang , in Sichuan province . One morning in 1937,at a lake ferry down the foot of the mountain near the Temple, some people want to cross the lake to go to the city .There is only one boat ,with more than ten people, including three or four shepherd boys, about 11 or 12 years old . He noticed that a shepherd boy, whose one hand was always covered under his clothes, as if afraid of being seen . At the beginning, he did not particularly pay any attention, however, shortly after ,another naughty shepherd suddenly pulled out that boy’s covered hand, which turned out to be one pig’s foot with pig bristles, then all the people on the small boat were shocked .At this point, the old boatman explained, the shepherd boy has memories of three past lifes when he was reincarnated as pigs for three lifes, and when killed, hung selling in the market, every cutting ,made him feeling unbearable until completely being finished eaten by people , then the soul consciousness can get out again for next life, he remembered that had been reincarnated as pigs for two reincarnations ,but still had been sentenced by the Judge in the Negative Dimension of human world ,to be a pig for the third time . At the second time as a pig, when last piece of his meat was eaten by people ,he felt the pain was too unbearable, so suddenly he argued and struggled ,that he could be reincarnated into a human with a pig foot to warn people of his past life sufferings and pains .Then his soul consciousness suddenly got out of the order and reincarnated into a pregnant woman’ womb who is about to give birth to her child .So luckily he got a human body with some debt and sins unpaid, but has to suffer with no complete dignity of a human being ,but with a pig’s foot on his hand to show people.

    There are more than 5 same stories about man-pig reincarnation cycle that had happened in Chinese history and can be searched on the internet in Chinese language.

    Since the above stories happened over 70 years ago ,I have no photos ,pictures of this boy with a pig’s foot on his wrist where he should have a human hand to convince you ,but I have another photo of a pig with human hand on its feet:
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