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    Beverly Hills, California
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    The war through your eyes: Iraq 10 years on

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    We cannot force our democracy
    On any and every other country
    They have their different ways of life
    Which to us may seem like awful strife

    Too many casualties in wars like stones
    Time to just use those deadly drones
    Think of the children and wives
    And  cost of American and allied lives

    Al qaeda will NEVER stop their fight
    Against the infidel with Western might
    Some day they WILL get their hands on WMD
    Then the game plan changes unfortunately

    Obama was right to oppose military action
    because of deeds of a fanatic faction
    Bush sent America and allies to hell
    And sadly many good people fell

    I say NO more wars for the West
    Leave islam alone that way is BEST
    We should negotiate and discuss
    If we don't want them invading us

    It's Vietnam again like dejavu
    We invade and then it's adieu
    We train em to fight the proper way
    Then they turn on us at end of day

    Their is just no EASY way in sight
    To make muslims see the Western light
    The taliban will just take it back
    Then all the new leaders whack

    Then Washington the FACTS will see
    And al qaeda will claim victory
    Put aside American know how
    And bring those good folk home NOW !

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