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    Posted February 3, 2013 by
    Watertown, New York
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    It's Fundamentally Unfair What's Happened With Wages Over 40 Years In The U.S.


    In 1964, a Pepsi cost 10 cents. A Twinkie cost 10 cents. And men earned 3 dollars an hour at the lower end of the pay scale.
    Those same two items now, if you can find a Twinkie, cost $3.
    Have wages gone up 150%?
    Maybe if you are the CEO of the corporation that cuts American jobs to add to the company's bottom line,  you've seen your pay go up 150%, but most Americans don't make $45 an hour today, at the lower end of the pay scale.

    If they did, we'd have no problems meeting our monthly expenses.
    Does Washington DC and corporate America not understand this basic concept in finance? Maybe they do.
    The system we have now rewards those that use money to make more. It does not reward work.
    But without the labor to make the product the money men sell, there would be no product.
    That's why corporations have outsourced jobs.
    They use this as leverage over workers in this country to keep wages down. They cut benefits and with fewer Unions to fight collectively for fairness, workers can do little to fight back.
    Government is supposed to be there as the defender of the working man, but for the most part, is not because of how the special interest money influences and bribes our government to act on behalf of those with the money.

    Our free enterprise system, as much as it's held up as a power for good, is a system of exploitation and coercion for the average worker.
    And it's not getting better. It's not a 'free enterprise system' for workers.

    Actually, it's a carrot on the stick, to most Americans.

    "You too can get rich, if you play by the rules, work hard, and keep paying more to those that are already at the top of the pyramid scheme. Good luck.

    Most workers defend the system that exploits them.

    Welcome to America, 'land of the indebted and home to the 'eyes wide shut'.
    Politicians say, "For America to compete with China, we must be more competitive with wages."
    Do things cost here what they do in China?
    If workers are to 'share the sacrifice' in order to bring us back to prosperity, increase exports, and bring down our so called 'debt' ( which isn't ours but the rich's) then corporations should freeze prices and be made not to make as much profit.
    The same is true of government.
    Why should American people suffer with lower wages and have insult added to injury with everything they have to buy becoming more expensive daily?
    It's fundamentally unfair what's being done to workers while the fat cats on Wall Street and in our government continue to squeeze us everyday for more.
    The only ones that suffer from austerity, are the working people.
    Share the sacrifice? Workers have. Now it's your turn, Government and Corporate America.
    Start doing some sharing.
    People with less money buy less

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