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    Premiere in South-Eastern Europe: Thrillionaire Revolution is launching in Romania


    Thrillionaire Revolution is launching in Romania during the first week-end of February 2013, in Cluj and in Bucharest, the teo most important cities of Romania from the point of view of economical and entrepreneurial development.
    This event is part of the Cluj-Napoca Business Days and Bucharest Business Days series of events, a real entrepreneurial flagel that spread through these two cities during the last couple of years.
    On February 2nd this event took place in Cluj and on Febriary 3rd in Bucharest.
    Thrillionaire Revolution Romania is part of the Thrillionaire Revolution European tour, event that has so far been present in London last week-end as well as in other European capitals. The road from London to Bucharest passed through Cluj.
    The Thrillionaire Revolution Concept belongs to Nik Halik, astromaut, speaker, author and multimillionaire investor.


    Thrillionaire Revolution is a new wave, and its final destination is individual and financial development. But in the same way as success, it is a journey, not a destination. A journey into the most profound strata of the human consciousness, a journey into the human psychology.


    Nik Halik shared to the people present at the event the reason for his being in Romania. “I like to talk to Eastern-Europeans. You have an important history. Twenty years ago it is here that communism fell. There isn’t such a big difference between communism and capitalism. Thrillionaire Revolution is an event that I created. It is based on my book, which has become an international best-seller – financial education and personal development”.
    “Who is the most qualified person in the world? You are. If you don’t empower yourself, who else should do this? Which is the forst brand in the world? You are. The government will always let you down. So will your parents, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband or your wife. You can count only on yourself”.
    Nik Halik showed to the whole world how important dreams are. And entreprenurial culture that has been developing over the last years in Romania preaches that. But it is one thing to find out at the age of 30, 40 about the importance of writing your dreams down on a piece of paper and visualizing them and it is another to live this as the philosophy of your life.
    Due to some medical problems, Nik Halik couldn’t leave his room up to age of 10. He had a mentor at his house, and his companion all these years was Encyclopedia Britanica, which he read several times all the way through. Absolutely geniously! I wonder how many of us have the La Rousse, the Webster or even the Encyclopedia Britanica in our homes? And how many times do we open them in one year?
    At the age of 8, Nik wrote his ten dreams on a piece of paper: to walk on the Moon (1); to go on the space station on a rocket and live there (2); to become an astronaut (3); to own beautiful places all around the world (4); to travel and explore more than 100 countries (5); to go to the bottom of the ocean and have lunch on the Titanic (6); to become a mountain climber and climb the highest montains in the world (7); to run with the bulls in Spain (8); to become a millionaire (9) and to become a rock’n’roll star (10).
    You are not the sum of your experiences, you are what you will become in 10.000 years. It is so beautiful to have courageous dreams, to dream the world into being!
    Upto the age of 43, Nik managed to make 8 of his dreams come true. He still has two to go.
    At the age of 14 he had his first business, which he sold at the age of 17. Then, being inspired by his father who was a musician, he founded his own musical band with which he had a great success. He founded his own musical school – Musicians Institute in California, and later he laid out the basucs of several revolutionary technologies, such as Financial Freedom Institute, Lifestyle Revolution, Money Masters Global, The Thrillionaires social network and he is co-founder of iCoach Global.
    One of his close friends is Bob Proctor, lifecoach and motivational speaker, who was featured in “The Secret” and who was in Romania in 2012 in the series of the Business Days events.
    “Has anyone seen the movie “the Secret”? There was a sequel to this movie, called “The Journey”. Has anyone heard of Bob Proctor? He has been inspiring me since I was 17. Has anyone heard of Donald Trump, Robert Kiosaky? Thrillionaire Revolution was created to show you how to make money, how to become entrepreneurs”.
    Nik Halik underlined how important is the foundation whenever you take action.
    The foundation of our actions is in our mind, in our inner psychology.
    Nik explains to us why we do not succeed most of the times to have financial wealth.
    “If you follow the money, you will never have it. You need to work on the Foundation. Has anyone been to Italy? Have you seen the Pisa tower? Do you know why it is inclined? Because of the Foundation. Many individual follow the money, but their foundation is contaminated. If you go to school and accept everything you hear, everything you see, then it is most likely that you are being programmed with viruses. School programs you to have one single source of income. This is how you will become broke. If you work for an employer, you will also become broke. Do not ever work for anyone that is not yourself. I want you to develop a career of choice not a carreer of necessity”.
    The people who were at this event felt honnored to have met such a wonderful person and only after a few hour ended up considering him as the best friend they’ve ever had.
    What Nik Halik presented was refferring – in fact – to the inner revolution, to the importance of believing in yourself. ‘Cause if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you will succeed.
    I am a graduate in psychology and I have invested the last years in the field of personal development and alternative therapies. I am currently writing a book about emotional and spiritual healing. I will enclose a special chapter regarding the Thrillionaire Revolution and Nik Halik. Because Nik Halik has shown the entire world the fact that what animates us is our mind, which has always overcome the difficulties of our body. Because only someone who has been through what Nik Halik has been through is able to understand how valuable performance is, how important it is to tell your body how to behave so that can listen to what you say.
    Someone said that the most dificult battle is the battle with yourself and the most valuable victory is the victory with yourself. Nik Halik is the living proof of this.
    This is what he wants to transmit to the world: how important it is to have dreams and to make your dreams come true. How important it is to believe in yourself.
    “You are the result of your own decisions. You are born with an energy vibrating at 100 thousand cycles per second, but as you grow old it diminishes. Don’t let the child within you go away! Children have dream. Look what my dreams were when I was 8”.

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