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    DHS Stockpiling Hollow-Point Ammunition

    Why is our government stocking up on massive amounts of hollow-point ammunition?

    Department of Homeland Security: 1.2 billion .40-caliber JHP

    National Weather Service: 46,000 .40-caliber JHP

    Social Security Administration: 174,000 .357 JHP

    Remember jacketed hollow points (JHP) are a type of bullet that is intended to inflict the most damage to flesh of any bullet type.

    (International Law) - The full metal jacket round which is all the military shoots, and is also sold as surplus, is not designed to kill. The Hague and Geneva Conventions prohibit shooting humans with hollow point or expanding ammunition because that type was designed to cause as much trauma as possible.

    So why has our Department of Homeland Security purchased 1,200,000,000 hollow-point rounds? Do they plan to use that on American citizens? That is enough ammo to kill each and every American almost 4 times.

    In addition, the DHS is buying massive amounts of AR-15’s. The DHS description of the weapon in the purchase order is, “Personal Defense Weapon”. It is interesting that they do not refer to the AR class weapon as an “Assault Weapon” in their purchase.

    What are they afraid of? Why is our government acting in such a paranoid manner? Who in our government is behind the massive increase in tactical ability and why? Where are CNN and the rest of the media on this? Why are the alarms not being sounded?

    Could it be that citizens’ demand for arms has increased in correlation with the government’s increased non-military demand? It looks like we are playing a game of mutually assured destruction. It appears that we are effectively in an arms race with our own government. If they do not have an agenda, then why the massive increase in non-military weapons and ammunition?

    Am I the only one that really finds this a bit disconcerting?

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