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    Who taught you to love food?

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    Supper Recipes


    Depending on the country you’re in, supper has different meanings. It may be interchanged with “dinner” or a separate meal, like a late-afternoon snack. It can also be like the afternoon counterpart of brunch. As brunch is served in late morning, supper is served in the late afternoon. Others may use this late afternoon-early evening meal as their dinner or last meal of the day and probably have a light snack between 8-10 pm. For others, it might just be a light snack of cakes and tea. It can be also a less formal counterpart of dinner, as that is what happens in England. Or probably, in some parts, be really the last meal of the day, consisting of sandwiches, biscuits, and warm milk before going to bed.
    With the definitions varying from place to place, there is no strict rule what should be served during supper. Let’s say it will just be according to the individual’s preference. For a child going to bed, warm some milk and serve with their favorite snack biscuit. Some children may like to dip the biscuit or cookie in the drink too (probably Santa Claus might have eaten a lot of cookies and milk suppers as he delivers gifts from house to house during Christmas Eve). Supper may be light, like a bowl of vegetable soup with French bread or bruschetta accompanied by a drink or probably wine. It may be a slice of a sandwich or an accidental early evening meal when one wants to try a new restaurant he or she just stumbled upon while going home from work.
    Other choices for those who take the “supper” meal as a late evening snack, it may be a slice of bread, ham, and cheese and probably some grapes on the side. The popular New Year’s Eve meal “Media Noche” in the Philippines has these as staples although some families prefer to add something extra like pasta, nuts, and main viand like meat or roast pig, and cakes and pastries. It is a meal held only probably about once a year in many Filipino families around the world and it’s a meal enjoyed with recipes passed on from generation to generation.
    Whether a new restaurant or buffet or just whipping out whatever you can find in the refrigerator, supper is a meal enjoyed whatever time it may be. It offers various choices from pastries to sandwiches, to even just simple fruit and cheese plate to end the day with a little something delicious or to celebrate a special occasion.

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