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    The Second Amendment, Lies, and Violence PART TWO




    You can call it a lie, or you can call it not telling the truth: take your pick. Today, February 4, 2012, President Obama again called for an “assault weapons ban” under the dishonest claim they are “weapons of war.” But, the firearms discussed fraudulently as “assault weapons” are not weapons of war in any modern military. President Obama should be awarded several dozen Pinocchios for such a fabulous lie. Indeed, the rubrik of court decisions has pointed to common weapons. Weapons of war are armed predator drones, cruise missiles, nuclear subs, tanks, grenade launchers, long-range missiles. The President should know this, for he has ordered more people killed with drones and missiles than most anyone.


    The “assault weapon” is a strictly political term. Amazingly, the Department of Homeland Security currently has a solicitation out for 7000 select-fire “Personal Defense Weapons.” (see lead image, top of page)


    Select-fire means the gun can shoot two or three round bursts or go full auto: in the common vernacular, a “machine gun” banned from purchase by civilians. You just can't make this stuff up: a self-loading repeating rifle is an “assault weapon” if you buy it. However, a machine gun is a “Personal Defense Weapon” if the government buys 7000 of them.




    The real debate is fairly basic. Criminals have the advantage of choosing their victims and the time and place of their attack. They naturally prefer to prey upon the unarmed, for criminals are hardly unreasonable. Citizens know that police are only called to the crime scene after it becomes a crime scene. Citizens do not understand why the government “solution” is to try to take guns away from those that didn't do it and wouldn't do it.


    Gun laws do not work, for only the regular man or woman gets the permits, pays the fees, gets the training. Some are “worried” that CCW permit holders can carry weapons for self-defense, apparently forgetting the obvious: criminals carry guns all the time, wherever they choose, and they don't need permits . . . nor do they want them. Policemen do not assume responsibility for anyone's personal safety, nor does is the fireman responsible for every fire that is set, every act of arson committed. All kinds of things are illegal, but simply making them illegal whether drugs or guns does not make them hard to get. History shows loud and clear that anytime something is less convenient to get legally, a black market quickly grows that makes it convenient. Black markets themselves are often run by undesirable folks, and we can look to Mexico to see the result of radically tight gun laws yet massive crime. The Armed Citizen, at his own expense, provides a reduction in crime to society, and a reduction in exposure not only to his or her own family, but to their neighbors and community as well. The Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness we hold so dear provides no guarantees, only opportunity. Personal firearms ownership is cherished by those who want a measure of responsibility for their own safety. Guns in the right hands is never the problem, only guns in the wrong hands.




    There is no law that can be passed that will prevent tragedy: it is intellectually dishonest to suggest that there is. Gun violence has dropped dramatically due to personal gun ownership and concealed-carry. It will continue to decline as long as personal gun ownership and CCW continues to rise.


    Problems are solved by education, community involvement, and by punishing the wrong-doers. If you are convicted of committing a crime with a gun, you should not be on the street, it should be a Federal crime. Of course you look at our criminal justice system, you look at the neglect of our veterans, you look at why gang-banging and drug dealing is a more promising option than education and a job for so many young folks.


    Of course you look at mental health issues, cautiously, for less than 5% of the gun-violence is attributed to mental illness and those with mental issues are far more likely to be a victim of violent crime than a perpetrator. And, if morality and responsibility are important, we really need to ask far tougher questions. Why are we sending our young men and women to fight in optional, elective, undeclared wars? Just what are we doing about it when they come home with battered bodies and broken minds that were battered and broken for Uncle Sam? It is more than troubling when a young man or woman can't own a semi-automatic pistol at home to protect themselves, but that same young man or woman is given grenade launchers and hellfire missiles to use when those same boots hit the ground overseas.


    What of the reckless media? You have a media that quickly sensationalizes deranged killers, talking about them for months, splashing their pictures on the front page, posting every little childhood drawing they ever made, interviewing every casual acquaintance they have ever had, republishing ever little tweet and Facebook note they have ever had. The obvious result is encouraging and inspiring copycat crimes. Yet, when a soldier returns home from Afghanistan with his legs freshly blown off serving his country, it rarely makes the 47th page. It is a media that feeds on insanity but ignores patriotism and sacrifice.


    Looking for a reason for an insane act is itself insane. For those who believe in setting an example, reporting rumor as fact and making money off of human misery is not the best example. Politicians who so proudly lie from the bizzaro realm of Washington, D.C., aren't setting what most would call a good example, either.

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