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    Posted February 6, 2013 by
    La Crescenta, California
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    Megan Di Piazza Missing for 3 months (mother, daughter, friend)


    On Sunday, November 11, 2012, my friend Megan Ganajian Di Piazza went missing. She was last seen at her estranged husband's home in Sunland serving him divorce papers. They had been separated for over a month and living in separate houses. They share a 5 year old son and that night he was at his paternal grandparents house.


    Megan had been depressed and recently out of a rehabilitation center but when talking to friends the day of her disappearance she was adamant that she did not want to drink, she was just depressed about the ending of her marriage but knew it was for the best for her. She felt her husband did not support her clean life and was ready to move on. She did mention to a friend that she had written a goodbye letter because she was wondering if things would be better without her, but after talking to a friend early in the day, she called a man she was referred to in the program for advice and then went grocery shopping. She then went to the house she owned with her husband and delivered him the divorce papers. No one has heard from Megan again.


    He said they got in an argument and she drove off.
    On Tuesday, November 13 Megan did not show up to her job. The Glendale police were called and a missing persons report was filed. Megan had been missing for over 36 hours when she was reported missing.


    Upon investigation in Megan's rented apartment a note was found in the bottom of the trashcan that said goodbye. It is argued whether its a suicide note or a goodbye letter. The groceries she bought that day were in the refrigerator and freezer along with a video she rented that day. They were groceries mainly for her sons lunches that week. All of this proving she was not planning to leave.


    It appears nothing was taken from the house. Her purse was still there. Missing was Her cell phone as well as an id and a credit card. The card has never been used. There has not been one clue of Megan's where abouts in almost 3 months. NOTHING!


    How can someone just disappear in this age of social media?! And not only a person but a car?!


    There are of course 3 options: She committed suicide, she left on her own and is living a life somewhere else, or foul play is involved.


    If Megan did commit suicide where is her car? She hardly ever traveled and lived in the same small town her whole life. Her husband was from her high school. She would not go far. I don't even think she would be able to plan something so perfectly and if she did her car would have been found. She would have been found by now if she took her own life. And if she was going to kill herself, I believe she would have just gone to her own apartment she had to herself and taken pills. She was horrible with directions and hated driving long distances. She would not have gone far.


    Option 2 is she left on her own will and is off living somewhere else. If she did leave by choice to start a new life somewhere why didn't she take clothes or even things small but important to her like her hair straightener? She had naturally curly hair she straightened regularly. She would not have left without something so essential to her if she planned on living somewhere else. She had no cash with her and none of her financial accounts have been touched since her disappearance. As far as we know she has not accessed any of her computer accounts (email, Facebook, twitter).
    Megan has just disappeared. If she was with someone by now someone would slip. People know her family is looking for her. It is all over Facebook and other social media. It has been on the news. Someone would let it slip.


    Option 3. Megan is gone and it's not by choice. Something by now, everyone has considered except for the police.


    We need help. Her parents and friends miss her desperately but not as much as her 5 year old son. We need some information. Anything. We need to know what to tell her son when he asks about his mommy.


    It seems the police have given up. They, in my opinion, closed the case as soon as they found the note. They chalked it up to her leaving by choice and stopped looking. They didn't want to waste time with a person who left by choice. At one point saying she would be back in a week, then after a week went by telling us to look at rehabs. After 30 days, it is now her choice. Her choice to leave without any money? Even if I chose to leave, I couldn't go anywhere without any money. It's ridiculous.


    Someone knows something, someone has answers and the problem is no one is asking questions anymore.


    They never even interviewed her husband, the last person to see her. They never interviewed neighbors to find out if they heard anything. They never thoroughly went through her computer.


    It hurts every day and we look for her everywhere. We can't give up. Her son deserves to know where his mom is, her parents need to find their daughter.

    We just need something, at this point any information would be better than nothing. We need help.


    I miss my friend.


    Please help.

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