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    The President's Answers to My Concerns About the Economy


    I regularly write to the President and my members of congress. Here are a few excerpts from the response I received from the White House due to my concerns about the excessive spending and outlandish debt.


    “I am committed to working in a bipartisan way to solve the financial challenges before us and to construct an economy where every hard-working American gets a fair shot, does their fair share, and plays by the same rules. By focusing on job creation, security for working families, and fiscal responsibility, we can get people the help they need, prepare for the future, and reduce the Federal deficit.”


    Have I missed something? It seems to me that he is more interested in immigration and gun control than getting people back to work. Look at the poor job he has done for his most ardent supporters, the African American community; their unemployment rates are the worst.


    He goes on to say: “To put our Nation back on a path of living within our means, we must cut wasteful spending, ask all Americans to shoulder their fair share, and make tough choices on some things we cannot afford. The Federal Government, like families across America, is going to have to cut spending while protecting investments that are vital to growing our economy and creating jobs. My proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2013 targets scarce Federal resources to the areas critical to growing our economy and restoring middle-class security: education and skills for American workers, innovation and manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure. This proposal will reduce our deficit by $4 trillion by 2022 and will help put our country back on a more sustainable fiscal path.”


    Hmmm….so where is the budget? It has been 4 years now. It seems that making sure that our nation has a budget is not a priority.


    He concludes with: To prevent Congress from worsening our deficit outlook, I pushed for and signed into law pay-as-you-go rules for Congress—rules critical to creating the surpluses of the 1990s. Additionally, I established the Campaign to Cut Waste, which is aggressively rooting out misspent tax dollars, and sent Congress the Consolidating and Reforming Government Act to reinstate the authority past presidents have had to streamline the Executive Branch and create a leaner, more efficient Federal Government. Through these and other efforts, we can reduce the deficit and ensure a more stable future for our children.


    If this were actually the case, how are we running more than $1 trillion in the hole every year he has been in office?

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