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    Public deserves to know about drone strikes


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TylerStocks told me, 'I feel like the president needs to be transparent with the public. It's kind of scary that select individuals have knowledge of the drone strikes but Congress and the public are left out. I voted for the president and ask that he tell other voters what's going on. If not, i question whether or not to trust him.' '
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    The American people deserve to know who is being targeted by the U.S. .


    Lately, the president has made the matter confidential and limits details to specific intelligence officials.

    All of congress is not informed and certainly not the American public, the very ones who elected the president.


    I find it troubling that decisions are made without the public’s awareness.


    Now, I realize that certain intelligence matters are kept secret.


    But when tax payer dollars are funding the killing of un-named Americans suspected of terror, the government needs to explain.


    Whatever happened to trying enemies for war crimes and treason?


    Is the solution merely using un-manned drones that have been known to kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians?


    How is this for international relations?


    President Obama needs to realize that he is elected by the people and for the people.


    If he holds back on national security matters, what comes next?

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