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    Posted February 8, 2013 by

    Istanbul: The Madness Behind the Mosques


    Unchartered Territory


    Istanbul is in many ways the wild wild west...headed in the other direction. It is two halves of a magnificent puzzle that have captivated the world for years. In this new era, the very thing that attracts people to New Istanbul, is known as the attraction and the distraction. For every one honorable business, there are literally hundreds more that prey on the dreams and wallets of workers both near and far, foreign and native. But it is the new, burgeoning middle class of foreigners that bear the brunt of this much talked about despair - if only in whispers. In certain circles, one would do well not speak of it, lest they lose the jobs they have or their place among Istanbul’s elite. For a culture that takes great pride in having no shame, there is plenty to be shameful of, judging by the comments I collected from both Turks and foreigners alike. There are more millionaires and moneyed people in Istanbul for a reason. It’s not only the place to be and be seen. But it’s also the place where they can come with their money from whatever industry, and hide it, finagle their way to more of it, and not report any extra earned income to anyone. In a country that prides itself on Allah and religion, the dark side of greed reigns supreme. This country is on the cusp of greatness. It has been said many times. All they need is one major event for the world to see them on an international stage, and just like Berlin before it in 2006 with the World Cup, things will quickly change. But the direction of that change could be devastating to their infrastructure, particularly in the true (sorry, Ankara) capital of Istanbul, where there is no safety net for foreign workers. In this report, readers will be receive first-hand accounts and testimonies from all sides of this multi-layered story...


    ** The above is only the introduction of this on-going series/report, will include views and comments from people on both sides of the spectrum. If you have anything to say, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below...

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