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    Who taught you to love food?

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    Quick and easy desserts


    A perfect accompaniment to a meal is an easy dessert, a sweet repast that gives the impression you slaved all day in the kitchen but didn’t. Instead, your easy desserts were made just an hour before dinner, quickly assembled from ingredients easily obtained from your pantry or a quick trip to the grocery store. Easy and dessert couldn’t have tasted so much sweeter to the home cook because you get to enjoy the fruits of your sweet labor.


    In making easy desserts, the ingredients would usually dictate how it’s done. Fruits in particular, if we don’t feel like serving them as is, benefit from a bit of poaching, baking, caramelizing, or being a main ingredient in a cake, pie, tart, and even cookies. They require only to be peeled and chopped, and if you’re out of time, be opened from a can, ready to whip into a shapely dessert in just a few moments.


    Candied citrus peel and other fruit peels make for a great flavoring to your dessert concoctions. We suggest using fruits as the basis of your easy dessert, like the baked pineapple for example. After removing the skin and core of the pineapple, it’s briefly baked in the oven then served with a warm citrus sauce. The banana pudding is another easy to make dessert. Make the creamy pudding upon which the banana slices and vanilla wafers are to be layered the covered with a ready whipped topping before it’s chilled.


    Fruits also make great pies and tarts, like apple, apricot, and lemon. The classic pumpkin pie, though not a fruit, belongs in this category simply because it’s easy to make especially if you have a pre-made crust and just the pumpkin filling ready to be stirred into the crust. Pies are best served ala mode, meaning with vanilla ice cream on the top. In the collection below, the luscious cherry fricassee with gingerbread and ice cream is served ala mode, and so is the chocolate ganache with vanilla ice cream. It’s a delightful combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.


    Chocolates and fruits are another winning combination, as proven by the chocolate-dipped kiwis with orange sauce in the collection. Chocolate fondues also come to mind. Aside from fruits, chocolates also taste great in chocolate chip cookies, bread filling, and confectionery as well as in doughnuts.

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