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    Who taught you to love food?

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    Things to remember when going vegan


    Going vegan doesn’t mean learning a new or more complicated way of cooking. In vegan recipes for dinner, you can fry, boil, stir-fry, braise, stew, poach, bake and grill almost anything. Vegetables fare well in any of these especially if it’s your main ingredient.


    Before you plan a vegan meal for someone in the family (and you don’t know much about their eating practices), take note that vegan recipes should not have eggs, butter, milk, cream, honey, gelatine and other animal-derived products. Likewise with sauces and seasonings like oyster sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and fish sauce. These are not vegan-friendly ingredients. Find vegan alternatives like nut milks, soy cheeses, soy creams, agar-agar if you must use dairy or a thickener.


    Fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, as well as grains and pulses, should be the core ingredients in vegan recipes. Although meat alternatives may be used in vegan cuisine, some vegans do not like them so use sparingly. Watch out also for the levels of fat and sugar when cooking vegan recipes.


    Vegan recipes for dinner may consist of a light salad or appetizer, perhaps a soup like corn chowder or roasted red pepper soup. For the main course, just turn classic favorites into a vegan-style dish. Make a vegetable pot pie with a real top crust, vegan chilli with beans and tomato sauce, sautéed wild mushrooms, baked potato, and vegan frittata.


    Make pasta interesting by making spaghetti with lentil meatballs topped with crumbled soy cheese. U won’t miss the beef. Vegan skewers can also fire up your barbecue—string together some white onion quarters, bell peppers, tofu, tomatoes and mushrooms brushed with pesto for a smoky dish. For dessert, a simple bowl of fresh fruit slices in season should be enjoyable as much as a vegan chocolate cake

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