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    French Recipes


    Meat fried in butter, caramelized onions on top of pork loin, and pastries generous with cream and sugar that look as well as taste almost as sinful.  French food is not stingy with richness and flavor.  The French take their dining seriously, from appetizer down to dessert.  With exquisite dishes and fine flavors, if you want fine food in France, then be prepared to shell out because a good French restaurant will not come cheap.  However, pick a really good restaurant and the experience would be worth every cent.  It’s fine dining at its finest.

    French cuisine has evolved throughout the years.  There are national dishes which are popular in many fine dining restaurants but go to the regional cuisine, you would see a lot of diversity in the menu and per region, and there would be a different characteristic.  A typical French meal consists of three courses.  The first course is called hors d’oeuvre or entrée, which is the introductory course or appetizer.  This may be soup in the form of bisque, a smooth and creamy soup or appetizers like terrines or foie gras, a delicacy made from fatty goose liver.  The main course, or plat principal comes next and it’s followed by a cheese course made from select French cheeses.  Instead of rice, which is a staple in Asian food, the French usually accompany their plat principal with baguette (bread).  Dessert comes after the end of every meal and sometimes, a salad may be served before that.

    As for French desserts, the choices are endless.  There are a huge selection of cakes, tarts, cookies, and pastries to make the mouth water by just looking.  Classic desserts include crème brulee, a sweet custard made of  eggs, cream and sugar with a sprinkling of sugar on top that’s usually burnt crisp by a broiler or blow torch.  Crème puffs are a contrast of flaky pastry and soft, sweet, and rich crème filling.  Soufflé is a light and airy cakes that hold its shape, usually served warm accompanied with chocolate or fruit sauce.  These are just some of the many rich and tasty desserts to try.  These are so popular that there are many modern restaurants and cafes specializing on French desserts and pastries.

    French food continues to evolve throughout the years and sometimes, modern chefs get a bit creative and create new dishes inspired from France’s most popular dishes.  Fusion cuisine does get mixed reviews from consumers as some find it flatter than the rich, robust flavors of traditional French food.  Although history continues its course, there are restaurants to try and recipes online that still have the traditional recipes.  Some of these recipes have even modified methods to make it easier for home cooking for each and every fanatic to experience fine French cooking at home as well.

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