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    Is Climate Change Battle Heating Up?


    It's been a long time coming. We've disregarded scientists' warnings for decades. The excuses were varied. Not enough evidence. Too expensive to implement. A plot to make Al Gore rich.


    Alarmism. Skepticism. Denial.


    But now it looks like there may be some actions taken that could help reduce CO2 emissions from power plants. President Obama is talking Climate Change. The EPA has it's sites on it. The people are finally coming around.


    Or are they?


    More and more citizens are waking up to the imminent dangers we face if we continue to ignore the very real effects that our disregard for science has led to. Yes, there are still unknowns. No, science can't predict absolutes. There are many variables that can affect outcomes. But when an overwhelming majority of scientists are in agreement that something must be done, is it really wise to continue the debate? To continue the skeptics' view that we still don't know?


    That appears to be Marco Rubio's view. The 41 year old Florida Senator is the GOP's rising star. He's the darling of the moderate conservatives. He's smart. He's good looking. He's young. But he is a skeptic when it comes to the causes of climate change.


    This is unfortunate. I see a battle looming. Will young conservatives reject science and defer to the new guard? Will they choose short-term economic growth over long term development of clean energy? Will they shun science in favor of perceived economic gain? I'm afraid this may be the case.


    It's time to stop fighting and work together to try to slow the terrible effects that we've created. Some scientists only give us mere decades before the planet will no longer support human life. Some think it might be too late, unless drastic measures are taken. Do we really want to disregard the preponderance of evidence that show our planet may someday soon be uninhabitable?


    I know there are many on this forum who staunchly adhere to denial. That's unfortunate. If we continue to resist what needs to be done to save our civilization, we will simply run out of time.


    If you think that regulations on CO2 are too expensive, think of the costs of not implementing the regs.


    C'mon America. Let's get real.


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