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    Posted February 10, 2013 by
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    Beating Death: Photons the Cure?


    Scientists are racing to capture first film of the Mind leaving the body. Researchers on three continents quitely exploring photon emissions as key to unexplained phenomena - telepathy, out of body experiences, apparitions and life after death.


    All these presuppose that the the mind or consciousness can somehow leave the body at death in order to create observations spanning thousands of years.


    Before the electric light in hospitals, Doctors and Nurses would occasionally report faint light hovering over the body just before death.


    Now special highspeeed cameras with photomultiplier chips are being recruited to capture this event.


    If they succeed it will answer many questions which refer to witnessing the mind somehow leaving the body and apparently existing in a variety of states. The earliest reports in writing come from Ancient Egypt , Greece and Rome. All report seeing ghosts including dogs and horses


    It is the similarity of these stories which parallel those of today which cause researchers to wonder if it's real. Also, they note the common religous pictures and desribes halos of light surrounding figures pictured in each major religion going back thousands of years,


    How would this depiction have arisen to be so common for diverse cultures spanning thousands of years?


    Phontons rising from the body are a likely candidate to explain these events. Researchers note that, (1) photons can store unlimited quantities of information as MIT and IBM have recently shown, (2) photons can survive for billions of years as starlight from distant stars demonstrate. and (3) photons respond to powerful quantum laws and can be shaped in the lab to corform to instant transmission of information


    Photons are now seen a plausible answer to explain things which seemed formerly impossible.

    The American researchers plan to photograph the mind as photons leaving the body and in 3D and IMAX as a wonder of discovery with William Shatner being considered as narrator.


    Perhaps once again Mr. Shatner can be recruited to yet, lead us all out into another new Frontier. Read all the info and published research on:



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