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    Posted February 10, 2013 by
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Archdiocese suspends Dean of Student Life

    For me, a student at Purcell Marian, a Catholic High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, it started out as just an average Friday. I went to School, stayed after for a theater rehearsal, and then went to a basketball game. It was when I left, as I checked my phone, I saw a few texts screaming: "FWD omg please read"

    As I opened the contents and read the link it sent me too, it became apparent that our Dean of Student Life, Mike Moroski, was placed on leave from our school do to his uncompromising stance on gay marriage.

    I wasn't surprised that the Archdiocese would do this. But I never thought it would hit so close to home. Mr. Moroski was an amazing administrator, and was able to connect with students on deep levels. For the Church to pay no attention to his skills, and fire him because of something personal he posted on his own personal blog, seemed downright ridiculous.

    And it is. Purcell Marian has just lost it's dean, but not only that. Purcell is a community and a family. For the church to intervene like that, it took away our friend.

    Which is why we rebelled. Within hours of it going viral among Purcell Marian, and two schools Mr. Moroski and his wife taught at, Moeller and MND, petitions were launched, protests were planned, and posters were made.

    The Catholic Church has been wrong before. It used to say the sun revolves around the earth, and that left handed people are evil. And though it would later come to change it's mind, it would only come through dedicated people making themselves heard. And that is what the students of Purcell Marian are doing right now. We may not change the churches mind, but we will not forget.
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