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    Posted February 11, 2013 by
    Chittagong, Bangladesh

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    Bangladesh is seeking for another glorious victory in the Month of February


    February is commonly noticed as the second month with regard to Gregorian calendar. But for every Bangladeshi, the month February is widely renowned as the month of Bengali language movement, as the month of possession and as the month of enormous victory.

    In 1948, the Government of dominion of Pakistan was announced ‘Urdu’ as the sole national language. After heard this illegal obligation from Pakistani Government, all students, political activists and general Bengali people condemned against the law. Subsequently the procession is being erupted throughout the country, and the final protest organized on 21st February 1952 of which is formed as red letter day of Bangladesh.


    On the 21st February 1952, the Government imposed Section 144 in Dhaka; in addition, section 144 refers to banning any gatherings of more than four poeple. However, students and general people premised in being ignored the Section 144; they planed for gathering on the University of Dhaka for make a rally and procession against the ilegal law and make sure that Bangla wil be firmly and steadily used as the first language in every official sections as well as all education institutions. In fact, nine-eight percent people of East Pakistan used Bengali as their first language. On that day, when students started their rally with banners writing on Bangali should be used as first and official language in everywhere, at the onset the police fired tear gas shells towards the gate of University of Dhaka for warning the activist students at nine o’clock. But the students did not fear to tear gas due to they had benevolent love towards their country as well as their mother tanque. Therefore, a section of students ran into the Dhaka Medical College while others rallied towards the university permiss. Then, the rally is being erupted apparently in seeking for their languistic right throughout the city. While polices had seen that students and general people broke down the Section 144, they fired and killed a number of students, namely Salam, rafiq, Barkat, Jabbar and so forth unknown stduents as well as general people. Consequently, the Government of domination of Pakistan compelled to the Bengali people’s urging ‘Bengali should be the first and official language in everywhere of Bengal’.


    Focusing on world civilization history, It is, indeed, very rare instance to observe life sacrifice of a nation in seeking for linguistic right. Bengali is only nation who sacrificed their life for their mother tongue. That is way, with humble respect towards those people and Bengali nation for their beloved mothertongue, UNESCO had declared the 21st february as ‘International Mother Language Day’.


    However, history like to repeat itself. sixty one years after the great procession for rights of speaking and using mothertongue, at Shahbag square in Dhaka, the Bengali people started protest which is known as the Shahbag mass movement on same month february with demand of capital punishment for all war criminals of the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971. The Shahbad movement started on February 5, 2013 when the ‘Bangladesh Internation Crime Tribunal’ sentenced war criminal Abdul Quader Mollah to life in prison beause he was proved culprit of commiting genocide, murder and rape during the liberation war. As like to the Language movement 1952, Shahbag Movement have also started by youths. First of all, the movement started by online activists, bloggers and students; the movement subseqently is being erupted to other parts of the country. The movement have inspired the youth of the nation and has reinvigorated the belief and confidence of the elders and freedom fights on the youth of the country. The youth precisely declared that untill they will have achieved their demands of capital punishment for key war criminals – Ghulam Azam, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, Alis Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, Abddul Quader Mollah, Bacchu Rajakar, they will be contuing their protest at Shahbag square in Dhaka.


    Today is the eight day of the great Shahbag movement. And from the begining to till now the youths are tirelessly contuning their protest urging of capital punishments for Liberation War criminals 1971. In due to the great energy, persistent and hard working tendency of talented youth urging of complete justice against the Liberation war criminals 1971, I undoutfully believe that Bangladesh is going to achive another enormous and glorious victory in the month of Februry as like as regaining languistic freedom from brutal Pakistani dominition in 1952.


    Joy Bangla.

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