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    Posted February 12, 2013 by

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    Post Script, ABC WNN, WHO was that Cardinal/Bishop that just said of the lightening striking St. Pet


        ... announced he was giving up his day job, that "it was like the stain glass window that shows the Holy Spirit coming down from Heaven?"       What dark confessional has he been hiding in for the last 48 years? The Holy Spirit "Came Down From Heaven" Returned 48 years ago and whether anybody wants to report it or not, it's the primary reason the Pope stepped down. No one can refer to themselves as Holy when Christ walks upon earth with the Holy Ghost as His soul and that has been both true and ignored for nigh on 48 years this month or next. I'd give you an exact date of 28FEB1965, but others argue it was 22MAR1965, a claim no one wants to debate nor clarify. I'd do it Myself, but the passing from this world to the other side of life and back again has left My memory of exact dates a tad fuzzy.         Here's the new problem "this fine mess" presents for the Catholic Church. If they appoint another Pope and continue to call him "His Holiness" we, may see far more than a lightening bolt strike St. Peters as God did not return Me to Life to sit here in this vacant house as a potted plant while others use and abuse My Good Names.         -

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