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    Posted February 12, 2013 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Sequester - Who's Your Daddy?


    As  we all await tonight's State of the Union address by President Barack  Obama to the joint chambers of Congress, there is one burning question.  Will the President tonight reveal the identity in a Maury Povich moment  of the father of Sequester?

    This  is sure to set the Twitterverse and the blogosphere ablaze if indeed  the daddy of the unwanted Sequester is revealed. But I would not hold my  breath waiting for the President to pony up to the table and admit,  "Yes, I am the father of Sequester."

    Yet we know from Politifact.com that indeed, like it or not, want it or not, the answer to the question  of "Who's your Daddy, Sequester" is the President and his White House  staff. Granted the President had help from Congress in bringing  Sequester into the world, but the genesis clearly belongs to him.

    Expect  the President, however, to try and push Sequester off on Congress and  push Congress to start paying child support or get rid of Sequester for a  few months if not for good.

    For  those who may not understand all the fuss over Sequester, come March  automatic spending cuts will hit both defense and domestic spending with  no regard to the impact those cuts may have. Sequester when conceived  by the White House was to be a means of holding a shotgun to the  collective heads of Congress to force those members to act on cutting  the deficit, increasing revenues with another ill-conceived brainchild,  the Super Committee.

    That  child, the Super Committee, turned out to be worse than living through  the "terrible twosies and threesies" or dealing with a rebellious and  incorrigible teenager. Super Committee ran away from home and has not  been seen since. This in turn gave birth to Sequester, with no one now  wanting to claim parental responsibility.

    From  the Cornfield, the best we can hope is that without acknowledging the  truth of who the Daddy is that Congress and the President will work out a  deal before the draconian cuts begin. Again, don't hold your breath.  The current tide seems to be clashing against the rocks and most likely  will become flotsam and debris on the shore of the American Economy.


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