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    Working to eliminate Islam in Afghanistan Since was a Christian!name(HASSAN)last name(MURADI)


    Hassan Muradi’s Story, How I became a Christian.

    I was born in Afghanistan as the sixth child of our family. My families live in Afghanistan and are extreme Muslims. The religion is very important to them.

    To follow the Quran is an essential part of life.

    In my family I was not as strong as the others in terms of religion. I remember i did my prayers and followed other rules as i was told to do. But they meant nothing to me. Actually the main reason for praying was to ask for help and get solutions for any problem, which i was not able to solve them by my self.

    Religion means to me like ” to open the shut doors or to shut the open doors” but it involves other people’s life, which is a sad thing.

    Religion was the only way to my goals and for me it is myself that is important not my religion.

    I did not believe that there have been people long ago who were messengers and were send by God, and i did not believe that they were faultless and sinless. I said to my self I just couldn’t judge them.

    I did not have contact with my family, I wanted to be alone and support my self. I didn’t want to be controlled at all the time, and I didn’t want to be a religious person.

    I went away form my family and became a successful person in my job. I was a young guy with a lot experience, since the Taliban came to Afghanistan; the situation got worse and it was a very difficult to stay there and very difficult to live especially in Kabul.

    The Taliban took me, and the two of my brothers only because we were “Hazara” (indigenous people who they want to exterminate). They took us to a prison in Qandahar.

    After 17 months, we came out by help of The Red Cross organization and then we fled to Pakistan. We could not live in Afghanistan anymore because of the Taliban and we, as “Hazara” had no right as a human.

    I was like a bird that flew from his own country.

    After that we got a lot of problems in Pakistan and because of we didn’t have any ID cart they wanted to send us back to Afghanistan. (All of this is written in my case and also about my brother who died. Since we couldn’t live in Afghanistan any more and had no other option, we got decide to move to Europe.

    After my brother died, began a new era in my life, it was very hard to be away from my homeland, and I longed for my family and i was very sad and disappointed. I decided not to think but to just fight on and do it all yourself, and did it all without any help. I did not want to depend on anyone I was strong and accepted the problems and wanted to reach my goals and be where I wanted to be.

    I got a friend named Farid and one day and I went to him and there I met other people from my home country. They invited me to a place that was new for me. The only thing I knew was that they were reading from some book there. For several days we went there but there was no difference in my life.

    My friends invited me to a meeting again though but I declined and excused myself. One Saturday night, it happened something strange to me when my friend was reading something from that book again.

    Finally, I said to myself I’d try to go there and listen. It was not so strange, but good. I understood that it was a meeting of Christians, and it was very strange to me that everyone was happy and dancing.

    In Afghanistan, when you pray, it's normal to cry, people are dressed in black and all are sad. But this was all excited and people asked for a man who lived and died long ago called by the name of Jesus.

    And they were happy, joyful, not sad and unhappy. This person had no sword and didn’t fight with anyone.

    He was a good and had love to all people.  Jesus did not do anything evil against someone even against those who were enemies. And everyone in the meeting said that Jesus was wounded for everyone's sake. It was hard for me to accept it. Even for me? It was hard for someone like me who was used to do everything by his own struggle. But they said that His name might help.

    I started thinking about it and see the context of what had happened the last time in my life. My life had begun to change. I continued attending meetings even though I did not understand everything.

    One time when I was there they started singing to Jesus, and they prayed that God would fill their soul because they wanted to get to know him better. I was there and just listened and listened to them and I felt tired. I did not understand all the words, then i decided to let all the words to be and I opened my inside and talked to God from my deepest inner, from my soul and my heart instantly. And I said: I cannot understand you, but if you understand me, help me. And then suddenly the God who I only asked for in my weakness had accepted me and answered my cry for help, and light came into my heart from Jesus and my dark heart grew light. Then I understood that Jesus did something with my heart, and I knew this person who he was and what happened.

    The cross that did not mean anything for me just became my pride and a part of my heart.

    The next day was special for me, I had a light of truth to me, and the light began to shine into my dark life and had saved me. And I felt that I was free from all evil, and my mind was bright, and I could understand the words now that they asked. Other previous words lost their value, and I no longer believed in them. All my friends saw and said and that I was a whole new person.

    And now, as you read this letter, which is about a young man who lived in his country and has one only wish to go back and see and guide his people to the right path. He would really have a good life but now he only has a desire to live with Jesus and I know #he will help me.


    Hassan Muradi

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