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    Posted February 14, 2013 by

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    The World's Most Romantic Fruit Has A Funny Smell

    Chocolate, Roses and Wine Step Aside: Durian is for lovers.

    Men considering joining the Valentine’s Day Viagra rush take heed: durian is called the King of Fruit, and not the Queen, for a reason. The oversized Asian fruit, said to taste like a rich cream dessert spread over a broken sewer line, has been long been touted by winking salesmen as an aphrodisiac. Their claims are now supported by an Indian study published in the 2010 Asian Journal of Biological Science.

    The research was inspired by the recent infertility epidemic sweeping India. According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the sperm count of the average Indian male has dropped to a third of what it was three decades ago. Members of the Indian upper class have begun importing durian as a homeopathic cure for infertility, encouraging researchers to take a scientific look into what Southeast Asians have known for thousands of years.

    The butt of raunchy jokes and much winking, durian is the fruit of lovers young and old. In Malaysia and Indonesia, there is a saying “When the durians fall, the sarongs go up.” Some people believe that a significant percentage of children in Southeast Asia are created under the influence of durian-induced passion. In Sri Lanka, it is said that a concoction made of the durian seeds will keep a man going for more than two hours.

    The durian’s power as an aphrodisiac was confirmed by researchers at the C.R. Reddy College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Tamil Nadu, India. Led by Dr. Venkatesh Palaniyappan, the team found that male mice fed durian over a 14-day period increased both their sperm count and sperm mobility over their placebo-fed peers. The durian influenced mice also seemed to lose their shyness when it came to copulation, mounting their polygamous mates five times as often as mice not fed durian.

    A follow-up study has failed to pinpoint which of durian’s 63 active compounds is responsible for the male mice’s increased libido and confidence with lady mice. Researchers suggest that it may be a sterol that increases the male sex hormone androgen, but for now, consuming the whole fruit is the only way for men to benefit.

    How durian might affect women is unknown. It may be that, like Viagra, the chemicals in durian don’t have the same positive effect on the female sex drive as it does for males. So unless your sweetheart is already an avid durian fan, stick to chocolate and roses for her this Valentine’s Day. Men, bring a breath mint.

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