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    Your views of space and stars

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    Mayan calendar on collision course

    The Mayan calendar was not predicting the end of the world, it was a basically a map of time showing how we pass through the plane of our galaxy every so many years. And similar to Saturns plane, we are now passing through a high traffic zone where you would expect to be struck by an asteroid. This is the same zone that the dinosaurs went through, and most likely they ran into an extra large asteroid that caused a mass extinction. We should expect a few more hits within the next 100 years as we now exit this plane. In the course of 64,000 years the plane of debris could easily take 100 years to even 500 years to pass through. So be ready for a potentially wild ride, at least for the rest of this century. Could this be the time period that many past civilizations built monuments to, to warn of potential disaster to come. Or unavoidable disaster? Let's say we had mass extinction complete loss of technology. Would some of us still know how to build buildings? Yes of course he would. That's how man plays. He builds. But after going through an intense period of destruction and surviving do you think one of us or some of us might want to build something that would stand the test of time? As we look around and see all of our buildings razed to the ground we might rethink life and what's important and change a bit. Who knows maybe we might write a book and talk about the beginning, and a flood that came later, and then a bigger one after that. Seems like we might be going through a cycle and each civilization tries to leave clues behind for the next generation but we never listen. Even today we're going in all kinds of kooky directions. The more we achieve in greatness, the worse we get in destructive bahavior. It's like a wave. The higher you go the further down you have to crash in order to catch the next wave. When we landed on Mars I said the same thing on the Huffington Post blog. And what happened within the first year of reaching Mars? Newtown. The exact opposite of all of mankinds efforts combined to put a spacecraft on Mars, one young man takes so many lives for literally no apparent reason. As beyond comprehension it would be to show the Mars rover to a bushman, the same exists for every American that lived through what happened a few months ago. I'm way off topic here but the wave thing gets me sick. Only because it seems so clear. Everything is a wave. All things, you, me, the air, the planet, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy, the atoms, your cells, your voice, your thoughts and light everywhere, are all waves. They all go up, and they all go down. That is a scientific fact. Then they do it again. But I have to close this by saying I tried to record this video on my computer. The first time I tried I played it back and there was no sound. I figured out it was the mic, changed it, recorded again, listened again, at around 3:14 my voice went to very loud static. I wondered if there was a conspiracy preventing me from passing on this information. It seemed unbelievable that I couldn't get this crazy idea out there. So I said I'm doing it again, took the mic to another computer and redid the video a third time. Uploading now. If this doesn't get online then I assume we just got hit again!
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