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    Beverly Hills, California

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                            " A kinder...gentler Israel is a better Israel ! "

    I am NOT anti-Israel or anti-jewish...but this is where I draw the line

    Shame on the Israeli authorities......I wouldn't treat my worst enemy like this ! Prisoner X driven to suicide (if that's believeable ?) after 24/7 gestapo style interrogation, sleep deprivation and sheer isolated loneliness.......potrays Israel in a whole different light and low esteem !

    And shame on the Australian officials too ASIS & ASIS must have known about this because all intelligence agencies work hand in hand !

    The jewish State above all should know

    Inhumane treatment is a BIG NO NO

    Solitary is severe mental torture right

    Jews should be against this and it fight

    The sort of thing fascists would do

    Not to be done to a fellow jew

    Israel to have done this in the jewish nation

    To one of their own is an abomination

    It's against all hebrew laws and teaching

    A jew's human rights to be breaching

    Whatever he did...he didn't deserve this

    Something macabre is wrong and badly amiss

    All jews now must strongly demand

    They must be angry and take a stand

    Enough is enough in the State of the jews

    This tragedy is very unjewish abuse

    The fact that they want to hush it away

    Shows there is something nasty astray

    To silence the press and media too

    Is an insult to every free thinking jew

    And paying millions incompensation

    Is like admitting serious violation

    In plain Australian c'mon now Israel strewth

    Just for a change tell the whole truth

    Wage war by deception if you must

    But don't destroy the World's trust

    Do not harm a sister or brother

    Jews should be kind to one another

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