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    Romantic Seafood Recipes


    How does one classify a seafood dish as romantic, regardless if it is served on Valentine’s day or wedding anniversary day or not?  Perhaps it has something to do with how it is served or eaten.  For a lot of gourmets, it is equally about the dining experience as well as the items on menu itself.  Food ingredients that have aphrodisiac qualities like oysters and chocolate are also common inclusions in a romantic meal.


    In terms of texture, consider creamy foods that soothe the palate and tickle the taste buds.  For those with a lively imagination, the way a food is eaten also can evoke feelings of romance.  Pasta dishes can be eaten in a somewhat sensual manner with all the mouth puckering (and slurping action) going on.  Even the serving dishes can be a factor.  Take for example, a prawn cocktail in a sexy martini glass which is certainly be more romantic than an all-you-can-eat salad bar.  Same way a lobster thermidor dish easily eaten with a spoon evokes more romance than Singaporean crab that needs an apron and a lot of messy pounding.  Though spicy dishes warm the body that may eventually lead to some cuddling, excessively hot dishes may just cause one to burp after the meal, rather than cuddle.


    As previously mentioned, the overall dining experience has a lot to do with its romantic feel.  Keep the lighting dim and maybe even have a meal by candlelight.  Don’t serve soda during a dinner date and instead splurge on a bottle of good white wine to go with your meal.

    Do consider keeping the seafood in a dinner date to one course only, two at the most.  Serve a nice palate cleanser like a strawberry (also an aphrodisiac) sorbet and end with a chocolate truffle with coffee or tea. If you’re getting on in years, consider adding maca powder to your dessert as this is a popular super food that enhances male performance so you don’t have to take that little blue tablet.  Maca has a strong taste so it’s best combined with strong tasting food like chocolate.

    Lastly, tie the whole experience together nicely with a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolate before bringing your date home (if you’re a guy). If you’re the lady, keep the jeans and T-shirt for another day and put on something that will please the eyes of your man.

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