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    Posted February 18, 2013 by
    Raleigh, North Carolina
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    NC LAW ** Is this really how it works?


    February 14, 2013


    Dear North Carolina Lawmakers:

    Thank you for the work you do here in North Carolina. In the past few years I have learned more about just how our North Carolina System works. I am a woman, a mother and a grandmother. I have 3 children who also have 1 child each and I hope we all want what is the best for our children, as well as all children here in North Carolina. I would also hope and pray that you, the lawmakers, would want the same thing as well. Last year, a man was able to walk into a magistrate's office and take out harrassment charges against my daughter. This man is an ex law enforcement officer and knows just how the *system works*. My daughter went to school with this man in middle and high school. They were not good friends but more like casual friends. When my daughter was served a *summons to court* about this charge, she had no idea what or who this was about. The information provided only stated that it was something to do with harrassment.

    So she retains an attorney (and attorneys are NOT CHEAP as I am sure most of you know)...who stood by her side on both of the court dates that she was required to attend. The person who took out the charges never SHOWED up in court. The charges were finally dropped. My daughter is still *in the dark* about exactly what provoked this person to bring charges against her in the first place. This event took place in July and August of 2012.

    So we now move forward to Thursday, February 7, 2013. My daughter is in Greensboro and all of a sudden someone starts to follow her and almost runs into her vehicle at a stop light. She did NOT stop but continued on to where she was headed. The person backed off as she turned onto another road. This man decides to contact family members and tell all sorts of *false accusations* about things which make no sense at all, abortion, DNA, packages sent to his parents and other things which made absolutely no sense at all.

    Friday as my older son was tending to my daughter's house and her pets, sheriffs deputies arrived and wanted to see her to serve her with a warrant-this time for *stalking and harrassment*......this is the same man who took out the charges last summer and never showed up in court.


    SO HERE WE GO AGAIN. My daughter turned herself in on Monday and was forced to have her fingerprints taken, a mugshot made and provided a DNA sample.

    My daughter was treated like a *criminal*. She told me that this was the MOST DEGRADED AND DISGRACEFUL THING she has ever had to go through in her entire life. My daughter is 32 years old. My daughter has never been in any kind of trouble at all.

    Last year her record changed though when this man was allowed to walk into a magistrate's office himself and proceed to do this, only after first trying to get the Kernersville Police and Forsyth County Sheriffs to take charges against her. They refused to do so.

    There was nothing to back any charges up. This man has been able to do this without any penalty to him at all. As I was told Sunday at the magistrate's office, our North Carolina laws allow anyone at anytime to bring any charges against anyone without any probable cause or reason whatsoever, as long as you have a name and an address, THIS IS THE LAW. These people can do it and get by with doing so as no one is responsible to make sure that this kind of *thing* does not happen again.

    My older son was indicted TWICE on charges for crimes that DID NOT HAPPEN, where there was NO EVIDENCE of any crime ever taking place. After many arrests, probation, court appearances and spending money that
    no one had to burn, ALL CHARGES WERE FINALLY DISMISSED after almost 2 years. These charges were brought against my son because he wanted to be a FATHER to his little girl whom he has NOT been allowed to see now in over 3 years. This little girl is now 8 years old. There was and is a visitation agreement which was signed by both parents but one parent decided NOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH with it. So she then, with inside connections on just how the *system works* decided to do what she knew would be a way to keep my son from seeing his daughter.

    She brought *false charges against him* and kept him tied up in court, for over 2 years. In the meantime, she has now moved out of the state with my granddaughter and we have no idea where this little girl might be. Wake County school officials assisted in keeping my son from seeing his daughter or knowing anything about her school activities, although they had a copy
    of the *consent agreement* from the time my granddaughter entered school. The school officials decided that they did not have to *follow the consent* either.


    Parents should be given 50/50 custody in providing for their children's health, care and welfare unless there is some *proven evidence to support cause for this not being in the best interest of the children.

    THIS IS THE LAW IN NORTH CAROLINA AND HOW THINGS WORK. And we, as a society, wonder and question why people decide to take the law into their own hands instead of *doing what is legal and lawful* ? We, the society, wonder why our children are growing up the way they are and doing things that everyone wonders what is going on with them? Education begins at home.


    Children need both parents involved in their lives.

    SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. Actually, a lot of things need to change. And this is all up to you, the lawmakers of North Carolina, who can make a difference in how things are handled in North Carolina.

    I continue to voice my concerns and hope and pray someone will finally get the message and decide to IMPROVE our laws and make changes to increase what is FAIR AND JUST for all citizens.


    Please do not wait until this kind of thing happens to someone you know or love.



    Perhaps people need to have more interaction with just how the system works BEFORE changes will be made.


    I hope that each of you will take the time and the effort to review the link provided. I think this article sums up a lot from another point of view.

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