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    Posted February 19, 2013 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Surging gas prices

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    National Gas Prices - A Snapshot - February 19th Post-Election


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad told me, 'With the cost of gas rising so dramatically, we are having to curtail our trips to visit family or go to the grocery store even more than we already have. Being on a fixed income, there is not much more belt tightening I can do. I make sure what driving must be done I can accomplish several chores at once.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    During  the 2012 election cycle each week I took a virtual trip across the US  of A to check out how much pain there was at the gas pump. The last such  National Snapshot was conducted on November 5, 2012, the day before the  general election. In the three and a half months since the election  most drivers across the country have seen steady increases in the amount  it costs to fill up the tank.

    Industry  and news sources indicate the steady incline in what is being shelled  out is due to a number of factors. Being blamed is the cost for a barrel of  crude oil, an early transition from winter grade to summer grade  gasoline and debatable, the improving US economy. The closure and  maintenance of some refineries is also being cited as a reason for the  steep climb in pump rates. Experts say that prices should peak in April.  But as we all know such projections do not always match reality.

    Here  in the Cornfield, gas costs ranged from $3.64 up 62 cents in the state  capitol of Indianapolis to $3.77 up 53 cents in Terre Haute and $3.86 up  57 cents in the Cornfield, all increased since November 5, 2012.

    What I found is that in 10 locations, mostly in the West Mountain  States, the price of gas was down compared to November 5th when it was  35. Those seeing an increase were 41 locations compared to 9 when the  last National Snapshot was conducted. That means in 0 locations the pump  reading was unchanged compared to 7 the day before the election.

    The current national average gas cost is $3.498 up 21.5 cents from  November 5, 2012. Oil per barrel is $85.69 up $10.22 per barrel since  the general election.

    To compare today's findings with the last National Snapshot the day before the 2012 general election:


    Once more we turn to the good folks at GasBuddy.com to get an idea what happened with gas costs over the past three and a half months.

    Montgomery, Alabama: $3.49 up 40 cents per gallon
    Anchorage, Alaska: $3.65 down 29 cents per gallon
    Phoenix, Arizona: $3.43 up 4 cents per gallon
    Little Rock, Arkansas: $3.49 up 51 cents per gallon
    Los Angeles, California: $4.05 up 41 cents per gallon
    Denver, Colorado: $3.27 down 1 cent per gallon
    Hartford, Connecticutt: $3.71 up 16 cents per gallon
    Wilmington, Delaware: $3.59 up 24 cents per gallon
    Orlando, Florida: $3.16 up 43 cents per gallon
    Atlanta, Georgia: $3.49 up 37 cents per gallon
    Honolulu, Hawaii: $4.09 up 15 cents per gallon
    Boise, Idaho: $3.39 down 14 cents per gallon
    Peoria, Illinois: $3.65 up 42 cents per gallon
    Indianapolis, Indiana: $3.64 up 62 cents per gallon
    Des Moines, Iowa: $3.69 up 57 cents per gallon
    Topeka, Kansas: $3.37 up 27 cents per gallon
    Lexington, Kentucky: $3.39 up 24 cents per gallon
    New Orleans, Louisiana: $3.43 up 34 cents per gallon
    Bangor, Maine: $3.81 up 39 cents per gallon
    Baltimore, Maryland: $3.51 up 28 cents per gallon
    Boston, Massachusetts: $3.49 up 4 cents per gallon
    Grand Rapids, Michigan: $3.84 up 71 cents per gallon
    Minneapolis, Minnesota: $3.72 up 63 cents per gallon
    Jackson, Mississippi: $3.19 up 20 cents per gallon
    St. Louis, Missouri: $3.49 up 54 cents per gallon
    Billings, Montana: $2.97 down 49 cents per gallon
    Omaha, Nebraska: $3.64 up 48 cents per gallon
    Las Vegas, Nevada: $3.44 down 9 cents per gallon
    Manchester, New Hampshire: $3.63 up 18 cents per gallon
    Trenton, New Jersey: $3.49 up 12 cents per gallon
    Albuquerque, New Mexico: $3.12 down 8 cents per gallon
    Long Island, New York: $3.85 up 26 cents per gallon
    Raleigh, North Carolina: $3.58 up 43 cents per gallon
    Fargo, North Dakota: $3.36 up 12 cents per gallon
    Columbus, Ohio: $3.65 up 50 cents per gallon
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: $3.45 up 51 cents per gallon
    Portland, Oregon: $3.41 down 2 cents per gallon
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: $3.59 up 10 cents per gallon
    Providence, Rhode Island: $3.65 up 13 cents per gallon
    Columbia, South Carolina: $3.45 up 48 cents per gallon
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota: $3.58 up 30 cents per gallon
    Nashville, Tennessee: $3.36 up 32 cents per gallon
    Dallas, Texas: $3.35 up 36 cents per gallon
    Salt Lake City, Utah: $3.19 down 34 cents per gallon
    Burlington, Vermont: $3.79 up 4 cents per gallon
    Richmond, Virginia: $3.36 up 34 cents per gallon
    Seattle, Washington: $3.49 up 24 cents per gallon
    Washington, DC: $3.77 up 40 cents per gallon
    Charleston, West Virginia: $3.49 down 1 cent per gallon
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin: $3.69 up 53 cents per gallon
    Cheyenne, Wyoming: $3.05 down 27 cents per gallon

    From  the Cornfield, there you have the latest National Snapshot. Perhaps  with the wallet feeling lighter and lighter each time we pull into the  gas station, I may have to renew the National Snapshot as a weekly  feature.


    NOTE: Image 1 taken 2/19/13 in Shelburn, Indiana. Image 2 taken 2/19/13 in Farmersburg, Indiana.

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