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    Cappuccino Brownie


    Cappuccino ice cream is topped with whipped cream and crushed brownies, and layered with chocolate sauce and fresh cherries in this simple and decadent dessert recipe. You need to have all the ingredients prepared, and simply need to assemble all of them together. You can buy cappuccino ice cream from the grocery or your favorite ice cream parlor, as well as prepared brownies from the bakery or make your own cappuccino ice cream and homemade brownies.


    Cappuccino is a coffee drink with Italian origins, named after the Capuchin friars. It is prepared with espresso, hot milk, and topped with steamed-milk foam. It is dine in an espresso machine that is equipped to produce steam. The espresso is first poured into the bottom of the cup filling about a third, and then hot milk is poured over the espresso filling another third and finally, the top third consists of milk foam which is produced through steam. Spices like cinnamon, raw sugar, chocolate, or nutmeg are commonly sprinkled on top of the foam and the cappuccino is often served with a teaspoon.


    To make homemade cappuccino ice cream, beat cream in a bowl until smooth and gradually add sugar, beating in the cream until soft peaks develop. In another bowl, beat egg yolks with sugar until the color lightens and add espresso, cocoa powder, vanilla, and cinnamon. Beat the ingredients until well combined. Fold the whipped cream into the egg mixture and place in an ice cream mixer. Freeze the churned ice cream, or freeze first then churn depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.


    In this recipe, you can use fudge, cakey, or chewy brownies but the cakey ones are best since they crumble easier and provide a nice contrast to the wet ice cream and whipped cream. You can also use either fresh or preserved cherries. Get home cooking recipes here.




    150 Gms Brownies
    1 scoop of Cappuccino Ice-cream
    Chocolate sauce
    Whipped cream
    Few fresh or preserved Cherries


    In a dish place cappuccino ice cream and top it up with fresh whipped cream.


    Crush the brownie and add on top of the cream.


    Layer it with chocolate sauce and fresh cherry.

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