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    Posted February 22, 2013 by

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    Italian elections, the same old story


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Italian art curator Elisa76 says she'll vote on Sunday in the country's elections, but remains pessimistic that much will change regardless of who wins. Chief amongst her concerns as a voter is corruption and unemployment. "In Italy, young people and people my age feel the corruption," she said. "Everything is closed to us. You can't join many kinds of public jobs as they're all already decided." She is trying to leave Italy to find work in the U.S., but is finding it difficult. "If you want to achieve something you have to leave the country," she said. "I work in galleries, but here it's very hard as culture funding is the first thing that they [the government] cut when they don't have money." Read more about the key issues in the elections on CNN.
    - sarahbrowngb, CNN iReport producer

    Here comes elections again. A old italian song says “Per quest’anno non cambiare/ stessa spiaggia, stesso mare” (translated “For this year don’t change/ same beach, same sea”).
    And this is how I feel for the next, useless, italian elections , 24 and 25 february 2013.
    I’m almost 37 years old, I spent the second half of my life voting ... without any results. Faces are always the same, politics are always the same, in Italy you can’t make any mistakes: anithing changes. From Italian Government noone goes away, it’s a sort of mantra. Once you have your chair, never abandon it!
    The result is that I see the same politics since I’m alive. Politics in Italy is like a divine ordination, as it was for kings in medieval times: you leave your position only if you die.
    The most important problem, in my opinion, that we have in Italy is an endless corruption. You can make something important only if you are someone’s son ore if you go to rights dinners (Berlusconi docet). Italy, in general, is a country of cheats, where the national sport is to swindle your neighbor. Imagine the situation if also people who have the real power are dishonest.
    100 politics in italian Parliament are convicted, accused, investigated or not prosecutable. They are the same that vote laws against corruption: nothing more than a joke.
    After almost 20 years of Berlusconi government we saw almost everithing, including laws made specifically to save ministers from the jail.
    At the opening of the last legal year, president Luigi Giampaolino estimated the value of corruption in Italy in 60 millions euro every year, 50% of the entire corruption affairs of UE. And with tax evasion we lost 100-120 millions euro more every year. So who have to pay doesn’t pay and noone says anithing (the typical mafioso attitude), but we have 56% fiscal pressure, obviously paied by people who have deduction directly in pay slip. And salaries don’t grow, consumer consumption is static (and the economic crisis had a major impact on it).
    Corruption gave power positions to a caste of clousy who have the right acquaintances but any kind of knowledge. The result is that intelligent and well prepared people work occasionally for 800 euro monthy (or less) and can’t think seriously about the future. And persons with connections rule the State and Institution. That’s why we see every day an irreversile scourge, like Pompei ruins that will be soon wasted forever.
    People escape from Italy, young people don’t have a future. And I can’t see a future if politics will go on to make their own affairs, not careing of the Country. Italians, unluckily, have a very short memory, so I only have a hope, but without any firm belief, that something will change. Maybe the only solution is really the escape...
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