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    PRESS RELEASE, Tuesday 19 Feb 2013


    “For me, marketing is a way to get people to do something they ordinarily wouldn’t do.” – Brian Rush-ing

    Watch reaction video here http://youtu.be/RA8pFm_wJ1U


    The Latin Mass Society and the Pastor of Sacred Heart / Judicial Vicar Fr. John Putnam today an-nounced a partnership to offer a series of weekly rosaries in Latin online, each followed by speakers and Q&A sessions to educate Christians about Catholic principles and the traditional movement, and how to incorporate them into their communities. Joining us will also be Paul Shultz and his Latin Mass community Juventutem Michigan as part of their Ember Wednesday Observerance.


    These sessions, to take place online at LMSociety.com, will be taught by award-winning speakers and community leaders. The Latin Mass Society and the Fr. John Putnam have designed this series of courses to appeal to those who have a serious ambition to develop and promote a Catholic identity but do not necessarily have the time or resources to compete with today’s new media standards.


    Brian Rushing, a Christian athletics promotions and marketing director, said “I find it interesting that the Gospel needs to be marketed. It causes me to raise the question, are we diluting the Gospel for the sake of cultural palatability.” Bringing people to Christ by having attractive advertisements is necessary in the world today. Learning how to attract them to the Gospel their souls are hungry for is an extremely valuable experience.


    Six sessions will be offered from which those interested in developing or expanding a community will benefit greatly. Each session is aimed at a different level of experience. The focus of these sessions will be three core areas, each specializing in a function of a community.


    Discipline #1 – Spiritual Leadership
    This area will focus on the art of good leadership and introduce Christians to the craft of spiritual leadership. Attendees will learn the Christian principles needed for leading a community, how to establish a strong foundation and staff, and which key milestones to take note of to gauge the progress of their efforts. Through this part of the session, Christians will discover how to take their natural personal traits and use them to improve their community.


    Discipline #2 – Event Management
    From this part of the session, attendees will learn how to best organize events and which activities--including team-building exercises and community outreach through newsletters--will make their com-munity fun, engaging, and attractive so as to keep current members and attract new ones. At the end of the session, Christians will be coached in planning for future events as well as getting involved in nearby events and causes to improve not only their community but the whole Church.


    Discipline #3 – New Media Advertising
    This area is for Christians who are ready to undertake the demanding task of keeping up with the never-ending changes in technology and social media. Over the session Christians will learn about how to communicate using social media and current technology. They will be given case studies for guidance to help apply this method to their current ministry. Attendees will come out of the session with an overview, presented through a few key steps, of how to implement advertising using economically-friendly resources and marketing--benefits of today’s technology.


    These sessions are endorsed by the Latin Mass Society, which was recently recognized as the leading Catholic Identity on a campus by the Cardinal Newman Society in 2013. The Latin Mass Society is the first student organization in history to be recognized by the Cardinal Newman Society for Catholic Identity as well as the first to be recognized by the local press in North Carolina including the Catholic News Herald.


    The society has also participated in a number of renowned national events such as the Stand Up Rally and the DNC Rally at which the members of the group prayed in Latin by an abortion clinic.


    Brian Rushing is also a man of faith leading other Christian churches into the new media evangeliza-tion. The partnership of the Latin Mass Society, Charlotte’s Judicial Vicar, Michigan’s Latin Community and Protestant Brian Rushing in this endeavor weaves a unity of laity, clergy and Protestant, with Christ as their head.


    The Latin Rosary Online will be prayed over the course of Lent starting February 20th at
    8:30 PM EST.


    To register, visit http://lmsociety.com.
    For more information visit http://lmsociety.com or contact Anthony@seroptics.com.


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    Article by Anthony Perlas, Rebekah Stegman


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