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    Posted February 22, 2013 by
    Laiza, Myanmar

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    The Front Lines of Laiza


    On his recent travel to Kachin State Burma or Myanmar iReporter Raymond Pagnucco travels to the Kachin Independence Army and the Kachin Independence Organization strong hold of the town of Laiza to get a first hand account of how the war has been progressing since a major Burmese offensive.
    Starting on the 25 of December 2012 the Burmese Army launched a massive offensive against the KIA and the KIO. The Burmese Army also know as the Tatmadaw has used fighter bombers and helicopter gunships to take key KIA out posts and position it’s self to take the town of Laiza. The front lines are now less than five miles from the center of Laiza.
    This iReport gives you a first hand look at the preparations that are being made at the front lines in defense of Laiza. The report goes further to give you an idea of what the soldiers at the front are feeling and their hopes for a cases fire agreement. The reports end up with what my be a possible option for the Kachin people if case fire talks fail and the Kachin have to abandon their strong hold.
    In 1995 the Burmese Military Government and the KIA and KIO reached a cases fire agreement that lasted 17 years. In 2009 the Burmese Military government wanted the the KIA and KIO to accept the highly flowed 2008 constitution that was drafted by the Burmese Military Government. The Burmese Military Government also wanted the KIA to join in a boarder guard program that would have put the KIA in control of the Burmese Military. When negotiations broke down the Burmese Military attacked the KIA in June 9, 2011 ending 17 years of peace.
    However after the last two years of fight it has only galvanized and strengthened the Kachin people as a whole. Causing Kachin people who never were apart of the KIA and KIO to join the struggle for self determination. Not only for themselves but for all the ethnic groups of Burma. It is widely speculated that the Burmese military went on a major offensive is because of the growing popularity of the KIA and KIO amongst the Kachin people. For the last few weeks the Burmese Military has halted their on Laiza.

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