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    Posted February 22, 2013 by
    Trieste, Italy

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    Italian elections: hold your nose and cast your vote


    Never in my life I would have imagined I would one day vote for the communist party and yet now I feel that I'm left with no other choice but this! Unluckily in Italy voting for the man/woman we feel best rappresented by is no option, you have to chose the lesser of two evils. I say two evils because Grillo is out of the question, he is no economist and no politician, he does not have any political program, any idea of how to get us off the hook and revive our economy, he is just good at rallying people and capitalizing on voters's malcontent and disillusionment.
    Our ex prime minister is no option either because he simply will not make it! As adored in Europe as he was initially, ( he was hailed as the one guy who would implement those much needed measures meant to revive our ailing economy) , he failed. Not only did he fail to revive our economy, but he outraged many people with his arrogant remarks: a very affluent man who has become a university professor with a staggering speed ( I well know by personal experience that what it takes to get there is not just uncommon skills!) he can't say to a country plagued by high rates of unemployment that "a steady job is frankly a tad boring". It's not just about imposing taxes, nobody is happy when new taxes are imposed of course,but many Italians would swallow that bitter pill if they knew that that money would be actually used to rescue our economy but every new scandal that emerges about how our politicians make private use of taxpayers' money is a constant reminder of how our sacrifices are just meant to support our politicians' affluent lifestyles! Let's not forget also that Monti's new taxes bashed heavily the middle classe but left large fortunes totally unscathed, he took great care in protecting the über-rich people, the banks, the insurance companies and the church! Many Italians are deeply irritated by the fact that he allowed the church to dodge the largely unpopular Imu tax! Bashing the middle class depressed the economy even further and spread pessimism all over Italy. Now nobody has money to shell out, shops are closing, industries are scaling back on productivity, unemployment is endemic and the increase of the tax on commerce (Iva) has caused upticks in the prizes but has not brought new revenues to the government simply because people have responded by cutting back on their consumes even more!

    I will not even mention Berlusconi as he should rot behind bars rather than threaten savvy Italians with his demagogic propaganda which is surely bound to fool some naive person into believing he will actually refund money spent on Imu. He went as far as sending letters to people about this refund which were so ambiguous (and people so stupid) that long lines of folks who believed they were already entitled to get their money back formed at post offices and banks!
    There are many things I don't like about the communist party. I'm un employer and I'd like hiring and firing lazy or untrustworthy employees to be easier. I own a pharmacy. We as a union were deeply attacked by Mr Bersani who has some personal interests in this business as his wife owns six drugstores but there is one thing he tried to do that I deeply appreciated. He strived to make this market more liberal by passing a bill meant to abolish the law which prevents pharmacies from freely moving on the territory, till that moment few lucky pharmacists who had pharmacies in key areas were protected from any possible rival maybe more skilled than them but condemned by law to work in a secluded area even though there is an European rule which states that liberal competition in the markets should be implemented. Yes, this time I'm going to vote for the left wing party!

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