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    Your T-shirt tales

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    For the love of Music.


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     dlim3 says she got her favorite shirt while on a trip to Asia, which her father encouraged her to take in order to learn more about her family's culture and heritage. 'The highlight living in Korea was definitely learning about my background and culture, and most of all learning about the environment my dad grew up in,' she said. She purchased this shirt because it expressed her love of music and it also reminded her of her father. 'He was a hippie DJ back in the 1970s in South Korea. That is how he and my mom actually met,' she said. Although she has had this shirt for only a year, she says she feels comfortable in it. 'Every time I wear it, I think of how amazing music is and how it connects people all around the world. In my case, how it helped and nurtured my relationship with my dad over the years,' she said.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    I bought this t-shirt vacationing during the year I spent living abroad in South Korea. It was my dad who encouraged me to make the pilgrimage to the "land of the morning calm" to explore my background and visit his hometown where his love for music all started. What I didn't expect to find was that It wasn't all that calm. In fact, it was filled with vibrant music echoing from the streets of young Hongdae all the way to Apgujeong district known as the land of Gangnam style. This t-shirt pays homage to my love for music, and even more so, why I love music.


    Since I was a young girl, my dad always emphasized how great music was. He used to be a disc jockey in Seoul, South Korea during the 70s. Everyone says he was great at what he did, but even today he says nothing is greater than the feeling that the music gave him. He even had the shaggy, hippie hair. He could've been the Korean John Lennon for all I know.


    He first introduced me to classical music as a young girl, we took piano lessons together and he encouraged me to play the oboe in my middle school band. He even drove an hour twice a week to take me to private oboe lessons in another town. I guess it wasn't until I got older that I realized that we didn't always communicate in the best way (as all naive teenagers feel): but music has always been our common language. I still love rocking out to classic hits and listening to a number of his favorite Beethoven symphonies with him.


    Click through the pictures to see my dad back in the day.

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