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    Anniversaries celebrate more than a year of relationships, be it between two people (as couple or husband and wife) or a group (school alumni, clubs, societies).Hence, the menu planning involved in celebrating each of their anniversary would be different.


    A couple may choose a dinner out to a meaningful restaurant or cooking a meal just for the two of them at home. If that’s the case, the usual home cooked anniversary meal would involve something special like grilled steak and pasta, fine wine, and heart-shaped desserts. Meanwhile, a group celebrating its anniversary may prefer a cocktail party, formal sit down dinner, luncheon, or even a company barbecue. The key in planning for an anniversary crowd is cooking by volume and using all the food resources you can. Plan the menu according to the anniversary’s time of day, venue (indoor or outdoor), and of course, the expected number of people to attend. An anniversary crowd is best managed by preparing more than the expected amount of food, try to browse free video recipes. Even age profile may also be important in the planning. If they’re diamond jubilarians, for example, you might consider easy to digest foods, etc.


    What celebratory foods can you make or procure during an anniversary? First would be the main dish of meat or poultry. It forms the core of your celebration because meat stands for abundance and recalls to mind the ancient rites involving sacrifice and offerings. Second would be noodles, which in Asian countries like China and Japan,symbolize long life. Cakes are also part of anniversary foods because it represents the best culinary offering we could give. Sugar and eggs were precious commodities in early history and the practice of having cake during celebrations remained. Simple or adorned with all the trimmings, it’s one way of communicating to another how much they mean to you. Finally, wine should be present in an anniversary with videos cooking recipes, to toast the years shared together and hope for more of those years.

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