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    Canada Day


    The National Day of Canada was first celebrated on July 1, 1867 to commemorate the union of the British North America provinces.


    It was established by statute as “Dominion Day” in 1879, according to the information from the National Capital Commission (NCC) of the Government of Canada. On October 27, 1982, it was renamed simply as “Canada Day.” Aside from the usual parades,carnivals, festivals, fireworks and concerts dedicated to Canada Day, the public is given free admission to museums, park attractions and beaches. There are also outdoor movie screenings, flag raising ceremonies, ceremonial changing of the guards in Parliament Hill, cooperative games, summer skating, pony hop races and art exhibits. These events had grown to this extent ever since the first government-arranged annual celebrations in 1958, wherein the format, according to the NCC, was just a Trooping of the Colours ceremony in Parliament Hill, a sunset ceremony and concert with fireworks. Perhaps, iconic at least in the culinary sense would be the barbecues, where in families prepare delicious homemade meals right in their own backyards.


    In this collection includes barbecue baked beans, barbecue chicken and apple cider grilled baby back ribs to celebrate the day with. Also, don’t forget the Canadian-style hamburgers of extra-lean ground beef, barbecue sauce, cheese slices, and crisp bacon to feed hungry revelers. Pile on the potato salad, strawberry shortcake trifle, and a white on red Canadian flag-inspired cake for good measure.


    Quintessential Canadian dishes include the poutine, of French-Canadian in origin and composed of French fries, gravy and cheese curds; and the butter tart, a small pie with a filling made from butter, sugar and eggs (sometimes raisins are added). Add these two in your Canada Day celebration for an authentic and fun Canadian meal. In preparing the menu for a Canada Day dinner party, select ingredients and staples considered as Canada’s best. For seafood, there’s salmon roasted on cedars takes, smoked herring, smoked arctic char, crab cakes, grilled halibut, fresh oysters, and seaweeds. The three sisters, composed of corn, beans and squash can be made as soup.Grilled duck, stuffed pork loin, and bison burgers can be any one of your main courses, try gourmet cooking recipes at Gourmandia.ca. Dried apple schnitzes are ingredients for pies. Similar in nature to the butter tart mentioned above is the Backwoods Pie recipe in our collection. It has the Canadian staple, maple syrup, to provide flavor, texture and sweetness. As a final centerpiece,consider a Bundt cake with wild blueberries (best cooking websites) folded into the batter. Sweet and Canadian.

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