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  • Posted September 24, 2008 by
    Long Beach, California
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    Bailout outrage

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    Loans for Illegal Immigrants? The Unspoken Corruption



    How many mortgage companies did I see in New York and California(over the past five years)-funding illegal immigrants to get a home and live 15 to a single-family house and then abandon it? Too dam many!





















    What I fail to understand is why are the American people so fricken dumb? Why is the media and elected officials not saying that about 30% of these "bad loans" went to illegal immigrants? Bush and Republicans-small government agenda has allowed Spanish-speaking only mortgage companies to pop up all over the U.S. in 2003 and 2004 to give home loans to illegal immigrants.                                                                               

    _*Bank of America allows illegal immigrants (with no social security number) to open up accounts and for too long any idiot could form a mortgage company and fake documentation to obtain loans for illegals. Bank of America, in California and New York only perform a credit file check with Equifax instead of a Social Security Admin, back ground verification-in order to say that they did something to verify the identity of an illegal immigrant. The problem is that any idiot that subscribes to a magazine gets an Equifax credit file and it proves nothing-AND THESE BANKS KNEW THAT! *_

                                                                                    Washington Mutual bank(WaMu) is also a hub of corruption. California passed some "AB-Dream law" which allows illegal immigrants to obtain Federal aid for college course work-most of which just get the Federal money and skip out. Even American kids couldn't get these loans for their education!

                                                                                    The media and people like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Mayor of N.Y.-Michael Bloomberg aren't saying that they allowed mortgage companies to "photo shop" fake pay stubs, so that business owners could have an illegal immigrant work force. Bush, loan officers, banks and mortgage companies got rich off of this amnesty corruption.                                                                               

    All throughout California, Nevada, New York-banks allow illegal immigrants to go to a "checks cashing" place and buy a 40.00 I.D. and this was acceptable documentation in "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants to take out loans-and most of them just skip back to their country or another state when they do not feel like paying anymore-and we are being asked to bail out these people?                                                                               

    What about the Jewish-Kosher plant in Iowa that teamed up with the city council to allow their cheap and illegal immigrants to obtain loans for mortgages throughout Iowa?                                                                               

    This is what we get and if I have to pay 2500.00 of my income to bail out the usual American corporate and political crooks then I will file exempt and pay no taxes.





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