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    White peach rosace with vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sauce and basil


    A dessert that the luxurious Hotel Normandy invented for American actress Kim Basinger while she was staying in the hotel for a film festival, White peach rosace with vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sauce and basil is an elegantly feminine and sensual dish best paired with a sweet French wine like Sauternes, which has nutty and fruity notes that include peaches, honey and apricots.


    White peaches, also known as nectarines, have paler skin than the more common yellow peaches with blushes of red and pink. Their flesh is the color of champagne while the center around the pit is red. White peaches also tend to be more delicate than standard peaches and bruise more easily therefore extra care in handling them should be observed. When you bite into the white peaches they have a delicate peach flavor with hints of floral sweetness and fragrant aroma. Yellow peaches tend to be more acidic and tart. Ripe white peaches have undertones of raspberries so it is a good idea to pair the two fruits to create a well-balanced dessert such as in this recipe.


    As much as the flavors, this dish is also about the colors. The classy champagne color of the peaches is a striking contrast to the luscious redness of the raspberry sauce and the refreshing bright green basil leaves. The creamy vanilla ice cream is a subtly different hue from the white peaches, which is a delight to observe. Once the skin is peeled off the peaches, the flesh can turn brown quite quickly. It is good to have a bowl of ice ready added with some lemon juice to place the peaches in after peeling them and keep them from oxidizing. The raspberry sauce also contains some lemon juice so the flavors will blend well later on. The vanilla ice cream will balance out the acidity for a superb sensation.




    4 large white peaches


    1 bouquet basil leaves For the raspberry juice:


    0.66 lbs. mature raspberries


    1 lemon


    7 tablespoons powdered sugar


    Preparation Instructions


    1 Peel the peaches and cut into segments. Place in a bowl of ice with some lemon juice to keep the peaches from oxidizing.


    2 To make the raspberry sauce, put fresh raspberries in the food mill or juicer and add lemon juice and icing sugar to make a sauce. Pour the sauce around the hollow of the plate. Place segments of peaches around the plate on top of sauce, making a rosace pattern.


    3 Decorate with filaments of fresh basil on top of the pears. In the middle of the rosace, place a scoop of ice cream. Crown the ice cream with basil leaves.

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