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    Scallops In A Pan With Tarbais Beans


    A light gourmet seafood dish, scrumptious seared scallops served with luscious tarbais beans and tasty Parmesan pancakes make an elegant plate. Slightly browned while still remaining juicy and tender inside, the scallops dazzle in a plate of creamy white tarbais beans cooked in a savory mélange of carrots, tomatoes, and Ventrèche (a peppery French-style bacon). The golden yellow color of the crispy Parmesan pancakes adds a touch of grace, creating an all-together divine dish. Paired with a cool glass of Graves Blanc, this scallops recipe reaches perfection.


    The holy grail of beans, Tarbais has a rich, exquisite and incomparable flavor but can be quite expensive. Grown in the village of Tarbais, the large white beans have thin skins so they take a shorter time to cook than most beans. If you are using dry beans, soak them for at least ten hours or overnight in cold water. If you are using fresh beans, either freshly shelled from their pods or frozen, there is no need to soak them. If they are frozen, blanche them starting with cold water and once the water boils, wait for a minute then take them off the heat and immediately rinse them in cold water. Include it in your home cooking recipes now.


    To retain the flavor and composition of Tarbais beans, cook them in a Dutch oven or casserole pot on low heat, the same way as you would cook stew. In this recipe, the beans are cooked with mouthwatering French bacon, called Ventrèche. This gives the delicate beans a smoky and meaty flavor. Of course, you can substitute this ingredient with regular bacon. Tarbais beans have very low starch content and are quite easy to digest so they really go well with the equally light, delicate and tender scallops as they share the same sumptuous characteristics. A dish that melts in your mouth in many different ways, this is one of the best ways to enjoy the prized Tarbais beans.




    20 scallops
    5/6 cup pure cold-pressed olive oil
    4 tomatoes
    3 carrots
    1.76 oz. ventrèche (meager bacon)
    0.33 oz. Tarbais beans
    2 onions
    1.76 oz. dry parmesan cheese
    salt, pepper
    mixed bouquet greens (thyme, laurel, celery, leek)
    1 teaspoon flour


    Soak the Tarbais beans in water for 24 hours. Crack and prepare the scallops. Do not wash them.


    In a sautoir or a pot with a flat, wide bottom and high straight sides, sauté the carrots, onions, tomatoes and ventrèche in olive oil. Add water and bring to a boil. Simmer and season with salt and water. Add the mixed greens bouquet.


    Add the Tarbais beans and let them simmer for about 15 minutes to obtain a type of ragout.


    Mix Parmesan with flour and sprinkle this mixture on a nonstick pan. Cook until it browns on one side then turn the thin “pancakes” over to the other side.


    Cook the scallops in a hot pan with olive oil and brown them on both sides.


    Place the beans in the center of the dish. Place the scallops around the beans, along with the thin Parmesan pancakes. Pour some of the cooking gravy from the beans around the plate and serve.

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