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    Turin, Italy

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    Petition Online Hiv Aids


    this is the second



    We are a group of so called "hiv-positive" people and "hiv-negative" people interested in this subject.

    This petitions aims at:

    1. Showing that "hiv-positive" people who are not on ARV do not die from Aids;
    2. Showing that it is not true that ARV can prolong life up to 20 years: they were put on the market in 1996, so it is impossible to claim that;
    3. Making it clear that the "new" ARV called ATRIPLA contains drugs from 2001-2003;
    4. Remembering that no "Hiv-test" is a diagnostic test to confirm the infection with a new exogenous retrovirus; every individual taking the test ought to be shown the disclaimers written in fine prints in the Hiv tests kit insert;
    5. Pointing out that to date there is no gold standard that is Hiv isolation, purification and EM pictures taken directly from human blood or plasma not even in people said to have a high "viral load";
    6. Stop saying that "Hiv" is isolated every day in thousands of labs around the world. What is billed as "Hiv isolation" is the PCR technique. The PCR technique cannot be used as indirect "isolation" technique for the simple reason that it amplifies the opening reading frames of the genes GAG POL and ENV which are present in all of us as a part of the 98000 human endogenous retroviral sequences. The GAG POL and ENV genes share extensive sequence homologies (in fact they encode the same proteins which have the same function as for example POL encoding polymerase or reverse transcriptase) and since the PCR amplifies only a portion of the gene, the probability of a non-specific amplification is so high to be acknowledged also by the legal point of view. This explains why the so-called "viral load" has been reported in "hiv-negative" people since the early 90's.




    7. Letting everyone know that Robert Gallo was condemned for scientific fraud and that the original drafts of his article published on Science in 1984 reported that "despite intensive research efforts, the causative agent of Aids has not yet been identified".
    8. Letting everyone know that Charles Dauguet admitted in a video interview with the French journalist Djamel Tahi in 2005 that "We have never seen viral particles (Hiv) in the purified virus (gradient). What we have seen all the time was cellular debris, no viral particles (Hiv)". So there cannot be viral proteins, but only cellular proteins. Without viral protein there cannot be an "Hiv" genome;
    9. Letting the world know that Luc Montagnier stated in 2009 that "We can be exposed to Hiv many times without being chronically infected, our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a built immune system";
    10. Letting people and scientists know that on the prestigious medical journal Blood a group of Italian scientists has shown that we can get "Hiv" many times and remain or return "Hiv-negative"; Individual can be exposed to HIV and/or its specific proteins and remain HIV-negative. This in turn demonstrates the famous words of Prof. Montagnier. HIV-exposed individuals who do not become HIV-positive will never develop AIDS by definition. This demonstrates that HIV exposure by itself is not sufficient to cause AIDS. Antibody tests (Elisa or Western blot) are therefore inadequate to detect HIV exposure since the Authors demonstrate that there are individuals who bear molecular signature of multiple exposures to HIV
    but remain HIV-negative at the antibody tests. Therefore, HIV-positivity is not due to HIV exposure alone; evidently factors other than HIV exposure determine HIV positivity. Vaccines are doomed to be ineffective because of these findings; this is clearly written at the end of the discussion section.
    This is the molecular demonstration of the words of Prof. Montagnier. This means that first comes immunodeficiency and then the productive infection of HIV and possibly its chronicity. This work clearly demonstrates that the antibody tests are not able to detect HIV infection because you may have encountered the virus (as demonstrated by the molecular signature), but be seronegative. If you enter the detail, the study shows that the exposure had occurred long before so one will not become Hiv positive in the future. This is clearly written in the discussion.



    11. Remembering that in August 2006, the medical journal Lancet published a report that shows how the risk of dying from Aids is actually increased ever since the ARV came on the market and there are no clinical benefits by their use;
    (Lancet Aug 2006 5; 368 (9534) :451-8.)



    Asking Robert Gallo, Antony Fauci, Luc Montagnier and Francoise Barrè-Sinoussi to provide the gold standard to prove that Hiv exists.


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